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What's your baby wearing right now??

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DS is in a Med. FB with 2 microfiber towels. He's with his daddy at Wal-Mart. Woo-hoo I've got the house all to myself! :LOL
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He is in his nighttime combo. Heavyweight wool cover. Hemp fitted with 2 extra doublers.
Ian is off to bed (since 7pm) and he's wearing a fitted made from a premium prefold with a doubler, a scrap of fleece & an aristocrat over it all. Our proven night time system for this super soaker.
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Seedlings fitted with 2 micro-fleece-topped doublers (1 fleece side up, 1 fleece side down).

And an Aristocrats cover.

He's sleeping for the night now.
She is in my lap trying to type and wearing a bummis ssnapw with a trifolded duz it all inside it with a fleece liner on top. I'm about to change her into her bedtime dipe, probably a pocket with 2 microfiber towels. It's 8:15 here.
A medium red fuzzi bunz stuffed with one medium hemp babykick...and a shirt, she didn't let me her her pants on after her last change.
Ainsley is wearing her Duck-Duck-Goose print MudPie Babies fitted, which I have got to say is my all time fav fitted, if you haven't tried one you simply must! I would like undies made the same way! :LOL For a cover she is wearing her cashmere Kiwi Pie! Ohhh- so soft!
a large luke's drawers AIO? but I got these givin to me, It also has a snap in........ thing! lol. I don't know what kind of snap in deal it is!!!!

I crack myself up !!!
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She is snoozing away in her large cloud 9 softie hemp fitted with a beccabottoms fleece topped hemp soaker inside and covered with her new RB Woolie Pullie
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Jack is wearing his FCB seasonal print fitted with his Brown Dogwood Tootsweet cover.

Sara is wearing her side snap SP spring print with her SP rose wool
Chandra is in her yellow Daisy Doodle.
Ds has a cloth baby bold fitted on. (yellow)
Josh is wearing a FCB envelope with 2 stuffin's. I
the envelopes, they're so trim. I wish they were still making them!
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Andrew is in the buff and Jack is in a blue FB.
a RB p-fold, flannel alphabet print, snappied on under a Craftier by the Stitch (eBay) tan with blue leg and waist cuffs crocheted wool soaker. He's sitting over there <~~ with his nekkid chubby belly hanging over top of it watching Blue's Clues
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Harry has on a blue FB stuffed with a prefold. He is sleeping and looks so cute! Can't wait to get my orange FB
DS in a fitted leapord print dipe that I got almost 2 years ago, and dont know who made it, with no cover.
Devlin's down for the count (and I'm on the West Coast, lol, it's 6:30 pm here and he's been asleep for 15 minutes already) wearing a large hemp Cloud 9 Softie with a wool liner and a Punkin Butt fleec topped doubler, all under Pickle Pants. That outta hold him! Poor baby is croupy so I may be on here quite a bit later tonight...
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