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What's your bet?

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I am one of those who haven't found the perfect night time system yet!! Today I received my first aristocrat soaker. DS is sleeping now with a CPF snappied around a joeybunz with the new soaker over all that. Do you think it will hold?? I'm thinking I might have needed to snappi another CPF on top of all that. lol! He nurses all night so there's mucho pee pee.

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Hmmm, I think he might do ok. We use an Aristocrat with a Polar Babies Hemp prefold and I stick a Mom & Me Creations doubler in there. Works great and he pees a ton! Wishing you luck!
Well, I know if it was my dd, she would definitely be wet. We use a nighty newt hemp prefold, and hemp doubler, and still have semi damp sheets.
Wow, those aristocrats really do well! Our sheets were completely dry. However, ds was saturated completely. I don't think he sleeps as well when we do the CPF system at night vs. the Happy Heiny's. He usually wakes up all night, but last night when he woke up - he was UP and bright eyed. Could be a coincidence though. Anyway, those fleece liners didn't do jack to keep his skin dry. lol! But like I said, there's a lot of pee. I think I might do an infant CPF wrapped around a joeybunz and inside a regular CPF snappi'd in the Aristocrat and see if we do better.

By the way, I know I'm only supposed to wash the wool once every week or two. But what if there was a lot of pee in it? Isn't that kind of unsanitary? Also, I don't have woolwash - will baby shampoo and an occassional lanolin do just as well?

This is such a science.


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Glad it worked for ya
Wool is is naturally antibacterial so you don't have to worry about it being unsanitary. If it does start to stink you should wash it. You definitely can use baby shampoo and lanolize a little more frequently
My Aristocrat is what totally sold me on wool. Isn't it awesome?
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Yes I agree wool rocks! I don't have an aristocrat but I have plenty of knitted soakers. As for the system, have you tried a hemp fitted with a doubler? We have the hemp fitteds from Sugarbums that just ROCK! I don't have to add a doubler anymore as Joe doesn't nurse very often at night anymore, but they hold like everything! I have NEVER had a wet sheet, or wet jammies (if he is wearing them) with wool. NOT EVER, even when the diaper has been soaked. ~
We do have 1 hemp fitted from Babygreens that I like for daytime ok, but it gets really wet really fast! I can't imagine using them at night. My CPFs just seem to hold a ton more.

I love the way the knitted wool soakers look - do those hold up just as well as the aristocrats? I'm thinking of getting some of those long pants for ds to wear at night. I'm having a hard time fitting any jammies over his bowling ball bum. They look too cute to get pee on them though!!!
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I don't have an aristocrat so I can't say how they work the same, but I can tell you that I had a super soaker that NEVER leaked in the soakers! I have a love for them because they are so cute, and they work SO well. The pants rock too, great for jammies.

As for the hemp diaper, maybe there weren't enough layers in it? The Sugarbums one has three in the body (I think) and 3 in the snap in soaker, they dry fast but hold TONS. I add another 3 layer fleece topped doubler at night but they worked like a dream!
Maybe the hemp wasn't washed enough? try boiling it then washing on hot and drying on high to get it up to full absorbancy?

Anyway wool is the way to go, and I am not just saying that because it is my business, I really REALLY love wool!!
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I love wool. My baby is allergic to it, but my older son wears it every night.

Even if it feels wet, it will be fine once dry. Just wash when it smells.

As far as the dipe goes, for some reason I like my cpfs at night better. I usually lay out a premium and twist it for the bikini twist, then trifold an infant sized one and lay in the crotch. Then lay a fleece liner over that, snappi it all on and add a wool soaker for my older son, nylon pants for the baby. We never have leaks with either.
Originally posted by sandijones
I usually lay out a premium and twist it for the bikini twist, then trifold an infant sized one and lay in the crotch. Then lay a fleece liner over that, snappi it all on and add a wool soaker for my older son, nylon pants for the baby.
That sounds similar to what I do. I was told though that the premiums are way too big and I shouldn't try them! What is a "bikini twist"???
Congrats on finding a nighttime system, wickedchick. I would suggest that instead of an extra cpf, you use an extra joeybunz. It is MUCH less bulky! It sounds as if our little ones need about the same absorbancy, and the double joeybunz with the cpf is perfect for us.
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