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What's your BFing age limit?

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no novels please, Just throw out a number.
I'm curious.

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Clarify, please.

Do you mean to nurse your own child?

Or to witness?

For *anyone* to nurse?
I'll probably be done by the time I'm 42.

I'm not sure what my limit is. I was going to start pushing the issue when she turned 4, but then she quit on her own. She just asked to nurse shortly after her 5th birthday and I let her try.
um- i have not set a limit- when he's done....
by the way has lots of great info on extended bfing

c'mon to nurse your baby. How old of a baby would you nurse 2, 4, 6, 8, 10yrs? Just share your age limit
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I do not think I would personally bf past 5- probally not past 4. Ds is only 12 months old so- .... I have not had to see how he is with it after he is walking even.
I really do not care to nurse him forever tho!!! HAHAHAHA! I have looked into the benifits and my response is till hes done and yes I do hope that it is before he is 5.
c'mom to nurse your baby
Sorry, but lots of people *do* think that there should be one cut off for everyone.

For myself, I don't know yet. I know I haven't hit it yet (DD weaned at 50 months, has tried a few times since and is now 5). It tends to move as I get closer
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I hope this did not come off bitchy. I do not mean to be. I just have had so many ff asking me when I will stop- or your STILL bfeeding! And he is not even 1 year old!
I just honestly don't know. Never thought I would still be nursing as her 4th birthday approaches. I'm just sticking at "never say never" now.
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ok- did I scare you away- I am sorry. I really am. I do wonder how long ds will nurse- primarily because I can not stand the thought of having people criticize me when I know what I will be doing is right! I am very nervous about that! I know how he is now and it boobs for me all the time!! Whereever!!!!
So I do not know how I will handle it. We live in a small town and I have ran into very few bfing moms. VERY FEW! So I know it will be hard to be accepted without harsh criticism!
I know I will probally shy away once he gets a bit older and try to keep it at home only- even tho I know i should not have to.....
Before I had my DD, I swore I would only BF till 12 months. Now that I have her... I'll wean when she weans, whenever that is.
I"d say around 5, school age. I could not imagine nursing my 4.5 y/o ds, but he self weaned around 2.5, and my dd just weaned amonth or so ago, also at 2.5.

Originally Posted by Emilie
I hope this did not come off bitchy. I do not mean to be. I just have had so many ff asking me when I will stop- or your STILL bfeeding! And he is not even 1 year old!
I got that ALL THE TIME the closer DS got to one. And, then, once he hit one, they shut up. I guess I was officially a "weird-o" then, so they quit commenting.

For what it's worth, I don't really know what my cut off would be. DS self-weaned at 15.5 months and I was pretty sad about it.
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Don't say that.... I am having such a hard time with ds getting older- if he stopped feeding it would kill me.....
Not sure what my limit is, but my minimum is 2 years.
six months :LOL no i'm KIDDING!!

seriously... around 4. my son is almost 4 and i can't imagine nursing a kid any more mature than he is. already he's showing awareness of sexuality and his own gender identity, and i personally think that's when breastfeeding should be cut off.

eta ~ ... and of course every kid is different. so that 4 years old for my son might be more like 5, or 3, in others.

Gidget, what if the child chooses to wean before then? would you go along with child-led weaning, or force the child to keep nursing until 2 years old?
I am not sure what age , my ds (he'll be 3 next month) will self-wean. I weaned my dd at 3 and a few months, which I regret. I would strongly discourage weaning before the age of two.
I think 5 is my cut off, dd is almost 4 now and if it were not for medical reasons I would cut her off now because I've been getting that skin crawling leave my boobs alone feeling for a long time now
Of course it doesn't help that she's not a polite nurser and always seems to be beating up the boobs in some way even if accidentally which makes me have less then positive feelings about nursing her.
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I have nursed two now for as long as I could and I start freaking out right around thier second birthday. Dd #1 was 22 months and weaned quite easily when I went back to work. I had a week of training that overlapped her bedtime (her last hold out for quite some time - at least 6 months) with my second I was ready long before her but she too was nursing only at naps and night time. When my milk dried up at 26 months she quit with absolutely no fanfare. shugged her shoulders, rolled over went to sleep. In the morning she checked for milk, made a grumpy face and said "get me drink mama, no milk mama" and scowled for a few days but got over it. This one will wean very easily. I had a horrible infection and had to all but wean her instantly. it truely sucked. she is so laid back that she never batted an eyelash about it and wasn't nessecarly intrestedin starting up again. she still nurses in the morning when she wakes up but would be just as happy to get and get breakfast. the milk is gone now so I feel it is only a matter of time before she decided it isn't worht the effort.

So Judging from my experiance with my other two, I would say right around two is my personal limit for how long I can nurse my child. not that I think that there is anything wrong with going longer but with both around the same time I started getting really antsy and resentful everytime they wanted to nurse or that I couldn't get them to sleep any other way, or that they felt entitled etc. . . . go figure.
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