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I've had kissaluvs for a long time, I have found the following covers work great:
Cloud 9 Puff fleece covers
Stacinator fleece (or wool it's the same pattern)
Bummis SWW's (NB-S over size 0, S-M over size 1, M-L over size 2. Keep in mind L Bummis are pretty big, mediums are cut pretty generously)
Bummis whisper pants (then probably any nylon pull on)

I think a lot of front or side snapping wahm covers would work well too. One day I took my FMBG aio shell and snapped that over a kissaluvs and it was a pretty trim combo. One cover to avoid if you want kissaluvs is Bumkins. The diaper is cut too low and Bumkins are cut too high, it never works. Bumkins fit great over prefolds and Snuggleups (er snugglebyes, I can never remember the name of that dipe) - trim as sposies in my opinion.

Hope that helps
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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