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What's your favorite fitted for after newborn?

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Say, around 10-25 lb. What's your favorite fitted for the medium range (or onesize)? Availability and affordability a big plus! Fitting under a prorap or Bummis is a big plus too.
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We loved our Kissaluvs on Camille until she hit the 14-15 pound mark. Now it is all pockets
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Motherease Sandys! They're absorbant, never ever let poo escape, are very adjustable because of the side snaps, and are affordable (even in organic cotton)
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So far I've had the best luck with FunOrganic one-size fitteds and Little Beetles. Not totally cheap, but very well made and no leaks.
one size Mutts- he has been in them for six months now. Love 'em!
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