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What's your favorite insert for FB's on toddlers?

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Just started using FB's and really like them. Have only used them during the day so far but would like to try overnight as well. So I am interested in those who use them alot with toddlers, what is your one tried and true stuffer that you can always depend on not to leak? Ds is a heavy wetter and soaks most fitteds except the very back of them at night. I don't like the bulk of prefolds but was wondering about trying the 3-layer Jamtots insert; any experience with that one or I have a HH stuffin which I like, and wondered if 2 of them would work overnight? Any suggestions most appreciated.
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well, we don't use FB at night (just during the day) but i would expect two HH stuffins to provide a great deal of absorption.
I use a premium prefold and a joey bunz. Sometimes, 3 joey bunz. Every so often, I can get away with 2 joey bunz.
What works best for us is really cheap and easy...the microfiber towels from the auto section at Walmart. You can get 5 (or 8?) for $4.69.

I double them during the day and triple them at night. Sometimes I wrap one around a hemp Joey or an infant prefold and that works well too. For us though they are best alone as they take in the pee waterfall of my dd quickly without any runoff and they soak up and through the towel rather than having the wet part only in one place (a problem I had with hemp stuffings).

HTH! I think you can also get them at Target. Not very "natural" but they work great, are trim, easy to obtain, and cheap.
Thanks for the suggestions. I actually do have some of those auto towels, so I will try 3 of them tonite before investing in anything else then. Thanks!
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