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What's your favorite non-wool cover for nighttime?

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I'm looking for a good non-wool cover (ds is sensitive
) for overnight. He still nurses at night and is a super-soaker so we need something pretty reliable. What are your favorites? WAHMs, feel free to spam me too

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We had good luck with Motherease covers at night until we switched to wool.
We love our Sugarpeas fleece cover (I think both Diaperware and Soft Cloth Bunz have some) at night. I can use the single layer on ds, but they also make a two-layer fleece cover. It is super soft and holds it all in.
I actually right now prefer it over the wool simply because he tends to poop first thing in the morning before I have a chance to change him from his night time dipe, and with the fleece I can just throw it in the diaper pail with the dipe.
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I just got a Simon's Custom Cloth 2 layer fleece cover. It's very bulky, but the fit is great. No leaks!
I use a HoneyBoy fleece over from . I've also used a Bummis SWW when he's had a lot to drink. I've never had a leak with it.
I use a dappi nylon cover VERY often. Works for us. I also here Apron Strings makes AWSOME fleece pockets that work overnight. AND she is open to customs right now.
I've had good luck with windpro fleece covers and I have one stacinator deluxe fleece that does good too - it's enormous though.
We also have great luck with Mother-ease airflow or rikki wrap at night, even when ds was totally soaking the dipe by morning. Now I also use wool and enjoy it, but still love my ME ones.
Our favorite nighttime solution so far (we've only been at this a little more than a week) is a Kissaluv countour under a Fuzzi Bunz (stuffed with a microfiber insert). The contour isn't enough by itself to hold up overnight, but I don't like to have to poly fleece right next to her and this combo seems really comfy - no leaks either
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