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What's your favorite thing to do with your baby? Looking for ideas..

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I work part time, and when I get home, I want to make the most of the time I'm with baby. It's all I can do to surrender to the johnny jumper or exersaucer when I run out of ideas. I'm interested in hearing yours! What do you like to do with your baby? Any cool learning/play activities you do? I'm also interested in websites or books you could recommend with ideas. Here are some of the things we do already (DD is 7.5 months):
Play with blocks
Sit in high chair and play with large utensils or tupperware, meas. cups
Make the bed (she loves having the sheet fluffed over her head!
Rolling her around on a medium sized ball (good trunk work out)
Read books
Playing in the mirror

I look forward to hearing from you!
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have you tried the babyswings at the park yet?
we just discovered that haye LOVES to swing at the park.
other things we do...

-play guitar with daddy
-hang upside down
-make tents
-roll around in clean laundry
-dance to crunk/dancehall
-bang things and make loud noises

yeah, i'm probably not much help.

we just do you know...stuff!
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Dd is 11 months this week and she loves to pull her pots and cups and spoons out of her cupboard and play with them. She likes walks, swinging, and playing outside in the grass and picking the flowers. She likes to "excercise" w/me. When I get on the floor, I become a jungle gym!

She likes to bounce on my excercise ball and sit on her push car and have us push her real fast- fast to her anyway. She likes to pull the laundry out of the basket and likes the towels flapped when I'm folding them. Oh,yes, The broom. She LOVES the broom for some reason. Whenever I get it out she laughs and shrieks at it. I pretend to sweep her as I sweep the floor and she crawls around after the broom to catch it.
It makes sweeping the floor well a real challenge but its fun and hilarious.
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My dd is younger than your babe, but we love the baby swings at the park. And going down the slide together.

Other things:
Singing, rhymes, tickling games
Reading books
Making funny faces in the mirror
Bouncing on the exercise ball
Playing on the floor together- rolling, creeping, etc.
Naked time!!!!

Lots more...we kind of improvise our days, but these are some of our stand-bys
ds loves:
getting a massage
having a shower with mama or daddy
reading books
swinging in the park

Wow, sounds like I've been missing the swinging and having little Lily help me with the laundry! I have a basket to do now, I'm going to seize the opportunity! The ideas you guys have shared have helped already!
If you have a pond or lake with ducks, go feed them bread. That is our favorite activity!

Also, we love to ride in the wagon and go to the park, or go to the mall just to people watch and touch everything.
blanket/towel/shirt/cloth over the head "where's the baby?" there he is! keeps us going for a ridiculous amount of time.

square board books

anything stacked high....he will take item off of top and make his way down the stack

line up toys on the couch cushion or bench height. he pulls himself up and moves down the line.


WOW... more great ideas!! Thank you!
bird watching and picnicking.

Spread a blanket out and let baby crawl all over the place. Then he stands up (pulls up onto daddy who is sprawled out across the blanket) points straight up into the air at a bird, and says, "SEE!?"

my DD is Lily, too!

She is only 6 mos...we:
*play "flying baby" where Daddy makes her fly (belly toward floor) after Mama, the cat, whatever
*baby exercise--on Mama's legs/chest while doing situps
*watching birds
*helps stir while cooking (from the sling; nothing hot, tho)
*water plants outside
*hammer stuff (usually the table or herself
) with measuring cups/rubber spatula
*rocking in porch chairs and watch cars go by
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I'm a stir crazy SAHM too so now that it is warm we've added activities.

- playgroups and Gymboree
- playing banjo with daddy
-exercising w/ me (Infantastic Dance Baby Dance)

- sitting outside under the shade tree on a blanket
- going for walks
- peek-a-boo
- play fetch w/ dog brother
- chomp chomp game
- singing
- reading
- park
- dog park

Thinking of trying some indoor swimming either as a class or free swim.
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