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What's your "heavy wetter" nightime solution?

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We just recently switched to AIO's from fitteds and wool for convenience's sake. The problem is my nightime diapering situation. I'm having no problem with my older dd (she's 2.5). But, my little dd (7 months) is waking up drenched after just 4-6 hours. Granted, she's still nursing aaaaalllll night long.

So basically, I need to find something that works. I've been trifolding 2 preemie prefolds and laying them in the diaper before bed and that sometimes works but I wonder if there's a better system that I haven't tried?
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We use a very baby slimply night with one extra doubler and an Aristocrats wool soaker for our flooder. It works very well!
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I double stuff a pocket diaper. I haven't had any leaking since I started doing this.
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I use FBs and do a sandwich of 2 micros with a hemp in between. Yes, dd has bubble-butt after that, but she rarely leaks! I swear, the kid pees a river every night.
We use an eezi-fold hemp fitted diaper with a jamtots fleece topped doubler and an Aristocrat. We also put on fleece pj's for that extra protection. The new style eezi-fold diapers are great. I love the turned and top-stitched style. My dh seems very protected in those.
A toddler prefold with an infant prefold tri folded inside. Wool longies over it. No leaks but I could wring out the
Z went through a super-soaker phase at about the same age. We had great luck with FM NLs, or similar me-made hemp fitteds plus a me-made 2 layer doubler that I'd fold in fourths to add 8 extra layers of hemp fleece. The dipes with heavy-wetter inserts were 11 layers of hemp fleece, so there were 19 layers in all! That combination worked under wool, PUL or windpro fleece.
FCB Nightlights w/knitted or crocheted wool over the top works wonders for our heavy wetter! Or Disposanots Nights work just as well!
I am new to cding too and want to not change dd (4 wks old) throughout night but I worry about diaper rash. Do you ladies have probs w/diaper rash? She is pretty red after about 4-5 hours in a dipe. I am using Kissaluvs w/a doubler w/a BSWW and it's not enough-she will leak if I don't change her at least once in the night. I am waiting for my very baby and my aristocrats. Any other suggestions? I have one wool longie that my sis just got me. I am nervous also to use the wool. I don't know why, I just am. I don't personally know anyone that cd's.
Thanks for the help.
my infant isn't a night super soaker yet, but when my toddler went through that stage, what worked was a pocket fitted (with fleece inner to keep dry)such as a fluffymail nightlight or happy hempy, stuffed with 3 babykicks duz-it-all hemp flats, all under thick wool.
A premium prefold trifolded with a microfiber towel inside, all wrapped inside a Bummis SWW works for us.
My toddler is still a really heavy wetter. I made him diapers using my regular pattern with a print outer 2 full body layer and 4 layer internal hemp soaker with a microfleece topped snap in and if its been really hot out and fluid intake has been high all day we may even add in an extra. We can usually wake up dry this way. But there have been nights I don't think the hoover dam could have held stuff back for him. He has been like that since he was really little but now witha 2yo bladder capacity and its always those nights that he decided to sleep through the night he ends up really soaked through. we also use a wool soaker over all that.
A Firefly NightLight under an Aristocrat was a no fail solution for DD. DS is still waking and getting changed twice a night so absorbancy isn't THAT much of an issue for us yet.
Honestly, some of you have no idea what a heavy wetter is! Some of you ladies have described our day time diapering routine--that holds him for 2-3 hours!

When my ds was that age we used a 3 layer square Jam tots hemp flat folded down one third, then trifolded, inside a hemp prefold from doodle bottoms, under an aristocrats or similar wool cover. His butt was literally higher than his head when he was lying down.

Eventually we started stuffing a fleece Ella's pocket with the same combo, to avoid diaper rash. Now we're down to just the 3-layer hemp flat, trifolded with a large babykicks hemp stuffer on top inside the Ella. He doesn't nurse at all at night anymore, and he is still soaked in the morning...I don't get it!

Good luck!
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