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What's your kiddo wearing this morning?

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Pic of Libby:

She's in a pipsqueak doggie print knit/hemp diaper with a mamamade soaker on top!
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The buggle is wearing a green side-snap bottom bumper hemp dipe with a blue/teal side snap appliqued cashmere/wool cover from Angel Wraps.
Chloe is still in her night-time dipe - a Tx Bluebonnet AIO with an extra soaker.
Eden is wearing a mdc mama made honeyboy aio this morning.
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Oh I forgot Hero is in diapers again. She is wearing a bright green medium firefly and that's it.
My little guy picked out a yellow Tots Bots this morning. On top is our new Toot Sweet!
Dog print Sugar peas with a Kiwi Pie wool cover.
Medium FMBG fitted in lime cherries print with a large Toot Sweet cover in rose hues print wool.

no pics b/c she's napping!
A snappied prefold with a mommy made wool soaker
Daddy just changed Isabella into a pink plaid SOS and a pretty sherbert-y pinky/orangy soaker by Dana of Cushie Tushie. (And she's wearing a cute Gymbo romper with pinky and orangey butterflies - DH always makes sure Isabella is completely coordinated! LOL
Scott just got up so he's wearing his lukes drawers good night kiss, which I is getting a tad too small.
Baby is still in bed, wearing a momma made fitted, green with frogs, front snapping, and a momma made wool cover that doesn't fit well but it works great for nighttime, its purple.
Jack is wearing his egyptian VK fitted with a BJ Marketplace soaker.

Sara is napping in her med El Bee coverless.
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Truman is wearing a Muttaqin Baby fitted toy print lined with white squishy velour, and a soaker knit by Nana. (one of our favorites!
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Josh is sporting an orange FCB (size 2 because he has nearly outgrown all his size 1s I so diligently stalked for
) and orange soaker shorts made by MDC mama Susanjp.
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A prefold in a noname velcro wrap (No tag and bought idea what kind it is!)
Andrew is wearing a Dimples cotton fitted that I got off e-bay (I don't think the company makes them any more, but they are made in Canada, and really pretty cute, although still slightly too big!) and a bumpy wool cover that I traded for (I really, really like it--we got a Nikky wool in the same trade, and I like that too!). Although he probably needs changed again already--he's pooped four times this morning already (I'm on the east coast, so it's already noon here!).

Christian is wearing a Turquoise dyed all hemp SOS with an orange and green BaaBaaBottoms soaker!
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