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What's your latest obsession???

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Mine is WIO's! I am such a geek. I have been cruising the WAHM sites all week and buying these up. I have two from Luxe baby coming and one from Harlez embilished coming. Who else makes great WIO's?
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Finding some THIN merino wool jersey covers... for way less than a fortune
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I'm loving embroidered PUL AIO's. They are super cute with just a t-shirt ds can go outside in just a diaper and not ruin our wool
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All of Teri's cat fabrics! I am impatiently waiting for some mediums in her cat prints - I was drooling over the larges today. :LOL

I'm also looking at wool yarns, handpainted and naturals, and fabric dyes. That's quickly turning into an obsession.
Fitteds and Wool! My DS is now in nothing but fitteds and wool, and 1 lonely FB. I am on my way to having DD only in fitteds and wool but right now she has a few AIO's too. I'm thinking about selling them though to make room.
Nothing really.
I'm still always collecting elephant and sushi dipes but that's pretty much it. I was obsessed with getting a night system down but thanks to Night Newts that is taken care of!
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Knitting soakers!!!!!!

I can't stop!! I'm halfway through some sage green soaker shorts and they're going to rock!!
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Newborn fitteds...though I still only have 4 or 5. They are so soft and squishy and teeny!
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Originally Posted by DreamingMama
Sewing Diapers.
: Can I say that here?
I would have to also say sewing diapers! I'm trying to make the perfect diaper to send in to Very Baby to get my license!
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Cowboy diapers as always, disposanots, Beccabottoms, and um, besides chocolate, that's it
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Newborn/small diapers, wool covers, and wool soakers!
Finishing my newborn stash!

But, really....will I ever stop buying?
I already have 45 various tiny nb fitteds, 3 tiny nb AIO's, 16 tiny nb covers(wool, pul, etc).
I want a couple FMBG nb AIOS!

Then I have about 11 various small fitteds and 7 various covers.

I just ordered my pail, liner, and a bunch of wipes.

This whole thing is my obsession!!!
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Dyeing all my boring ME dipes and prefolds and some matching T-shirts to for the summer. alsoobsessing over ordering velour dipes or not, I got one recently and DS cries when I take it off and wants it back on.
Appliqued/embroidered wool here, too.
I JUST LOVE IT. My favorite fluff in my stash is the buggies and the sheepies covers from Kiwi Pie in my wool link. They rule and I try to spend quality time petting them each and every day. I have another box from Maria coming and I am soooooo beyond thrilled about it. As well as a sparkly painted luxe WIO and a Harleyz surprise-me WIO.
I swoon for WAHM diaper art.
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Getting a trim yet absorbant fitted. WIO's I have two on the way and yarn for knitting soakers.
Knitting soakers and accumulating a stash of medium PWP and BBH dipes
pocket diapers and AIO with velcro closings.

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