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What's your trimmest wool & fitted combo???

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How close can i get to the trimness (is that even a word??) of a HH in wool covers and fitted diapers??? Winter is coming and dd's clothes aren't looking to great with wool and fitteds I have

I was so happy with my stash this summer but it looks like I need to readjust for the winter. Good thing I'm coming to the States for a visit at the end of the month!!!

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My trimmest combo is a Firefly and Easy Wool cover. I also have some RB covers that are pretty trim. I think the WIO's are pretty trim as well, but the FF is def the trimmest (though not the most absorbant).

1st is an Elbee fitted with Wooly Bully and 2nd is a Firefly with FuzEasy.
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Lamkin wool covers are super trim and work with lamkin diapers
Or just a folded prefold. I also have a super trim hemp fitted and wool cover from


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Without a doubt it is my Harleez Dipeez fitted and my Sugar Peas wool cover! Very trim.

acck! so many choices!

i like the cuddlewool wrap over a snappied cpf or any trim fitted.

depends on which part of the states you're visiting! it's getting pretty cold here - ohio already got snow!
Fireflies don't fitt dd well I am actually getting ready to sll off mine. Elbees are ok but don't last usually more than an hour with them.
Any other suggestions?
SOS work well for us but they are so hard to get. SP covers are bulky under pants IMO though I love them. We use the snap ins. My Wooly Bully flips at the tabs for some reason sop it is not smooth under clothes, anyone else have that problem???
This is a subject close to my heart because I have searched far and wide for a trim combo, too.

I think the trimmest I have found is a Firefly under a Kool Sheep soaker. This even fits under jeans. Runner up is a Firefly under a Sugar Peas, or a Growing Greens under a Sugar Peas. Sugar Peas fitteds are pretty trim also.

While the Fuz Easy is very trim, technically I guess even trimmer than the Sugar Peas, for us it tends to gap open at the sides, which makes his pants look kind of funny. I like the way the Sugar Peas have a smaller panel in front so the snaps end up in front of his hips instead of on them - it causes the cover to lie flat so his pants fit better.

ETA - Dahlia, I posted before I read your response. I have found that the snap-ins are bulkier under the SP covers than SP fitteds or Growing Greens. Have you tried using it over a fitted?
Our trimmest wool covers are a Woodland wrap from Patchwork Pixie, an elbee wool cover, a fuzbomb, or a 1 layer freshies wool fittwrap.

Luke wears Fuz fitteds under the woodland wrap and it's a supertrim combo, fits under his jeans great. My fav combo on Maddie right now is an elbee fitted under a Freshies fittwrap. Sugarpeas are bulky on my kids, they wear them at night.
Firefly diaper with a SugarPea or PatchworkPixie cover. If fireflies dont work for you then a sugar pea is also trim.
By far, our trimmest wool combo is a super stretchy Freshies trimwrap (stretch jersey or rib knit) with a joeybunz inside. Fit like a glove, much trimmer than my happy heinys or anything else!!
I can't help with the wool part as I'm just starting out with

but if you don't like fireflies (and now I know who to stalk on the TP if you're getting rid of yours, unless you want to skip that step - LOL!!) I second the recommendation for Growing Greens, they are super trim.
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Oh, just realized you were looking for fitteds. No solution onhand for that...
Hey Dahlia...I just noticed that your DD and my DS have the same birthday! She's just one year older! What a happy day
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I second a Growing Greens under a SP wool... Although, the Fuz Easys look like they'd be trimmer, just because of the way they snap... Good luck!
We've had good luck with Sugar Peas size 1s (even though DD is 22 lbs.) with a FuzBomb. But Lori has done my Fuz with extra snap settings so I get a great fit with them. Audrey isn't a super soaker so I don't usually have to add a doubler either.
Fireflies didn't fit A. very well either, but maybe with the medium addition that will change. My Easy is pretty trim but with a side snap, I get the "pooch" on the sides same with my ME Airflow. I think its just the side snapping style. But the "pooch" really does make a difference with pants for the winter I've noticed.
Links links I need links
Especially for the Freshies trim wrap. They sound great!!!
Thanks everyone!!!


Andreac March 215th a great day!!!
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