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I really would like to know what's good for a nursing mama. I asked the breastfeeding forum but maybe I'll get better luck here!
Right now I'm taking a multivitamin and
This past week I bought a magnesium/calcium combo.
Is floradix good while nursing?

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I'm nursing and pregnant. I don't take extra iron.
This is what I take for supplements:
3 capsules Thorne's Basic Prenatal
30mg Zinc
2000 mg Vitamin C
2000 iu Vitamin D3
200 mcg Selenium
1 capsule Vital Nutrients B6+B Complex
1000 mg MSM
1 capsule Vital Nutrients Adrenal Support
1 tsp Nordic Naturals Arctic-D CLO (not consistent)
Papaya enzymes, as needed for reflux

I may be adding in a few more capsules of Adrenal Support (I'm supposed to be on 4) here soon as well as a Cal/Mag supp.
I'm under the care of a ND, who has okayed the use of these for me. I have a few health issues which we're working on (including hypothyroidism, for which I also take Armour thyroid), so YMMV.
The concern, I believe, when it comes to nursing is that some things are concentrated in breastmilk and some nutrients can facilitate the release of toxins into the bloodstream (and therefor the milk). I could be wrong, but that is my understanding.

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I would make sure I had vitamin least 2000 IU. I'd have my hydroxy 25 D checked actually knowing how important that is now. You can (should) also supplement the baby at 6 months--400 IU per day.
Do some research on vitamin D.

I'd make sure I had iodine. Other supplements would be pretty particular to me. Those are what I would suggest for you.
Are you iron deficient? If you aren't there is no need to do floradix.

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-D3 and my 10 month ds does d3 carlsons baby
-dha supplement

my personal opinion is only do what you deem necessary for yourself. especially if you're nursing or pregnant. less is more i think...
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