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For busy moms with babies and toddlers on hips and heels... curious how much effort do you make into making your family meals during the week and how do you make it interesting and with little effort.

Please share some of your favourite meals too.

Stephanie (vegetarian, tandem nursing moms)

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we usually have brown rice with veggies and tofu one night- I cook the rice in one pot and boil another pot of water for the other stuff. I make an almond butter/miso sauce with almond milk- just stir it up in a glass measuring cup and serve.

Fried tempeh and leftover brown rice makes a good salad- saute an onion and stir fry veggies with the onion, fry the tempeh in the same pan and throw in the brown rice to warm. Add dressing and serve.

The next night is leftover brown rice with canned baked beans and frozen peas (cooked in the beans to save time). To warm it all I often mix it in one pot.

We have homemade vegetable/bean or lentil soup in one pot a few nights a week with sandwiches.

Hummus and olives and veggies sometimes

Pasta noodles with almond butter sauce and peas is another kids favorite

We also have whatever vegetables we get from the CSA in salads and stir fries with brown rice

Cornbread and soup some nights if I have time. That is rare.

Frozen Amy's rice crust pizza when there is absolutely no time to make a meal

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we have lots of soups and stews. we have fish, chicken, beef, and game (which i know that you are not looking for, LOL) and stocks made from all of these.

we have salads and homemade dressings. bean salads and bean dips (hummus for one)

we have baked goods (muffins, pancakes, etc.) on occassion and usually on sundays. dd has them more often

we eat greens (sauteed) a few times per week

we have sea veggies in our soups or in rolls

we eat eggs for brekkie (in coconut oil)

we make lots and lots of smoothies (with freshly made orange juice or almond milk)


mashed potatoes or pureed squash

soaked oats or other whole grain porridges

any steamed or sauteed veggie---dd loves broccoli

we concentrate on whole foods and lately don't really care whether something is a traditional breakfast or dinner dish----we'll eat pancakes for dinner at times and eat soup for breakfast.

edited to add that we put an unusual amount of time into our food because i really like cooking and eating!

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I'll give you the last few days around here:

breakfast - blackberries, smoothies, grain coffee and nut milk for all, potato pierogies for my toddler

lunch- salad w/tahini dressing and fat free refried beans on spelt tortillas apple for me, pear for DS

dinner- beans and greens for me and DH, corn soup w/brown rice, a side of toasted nori for DS (tonight he ate at a different time than we did. Plus, the greens and beans is a bit much for him)

Yesterday(I think he may be going through a growth spurt. He ate a lot for him)

Breakfast Cookie
Fruit smoothie with nut milk


Homemade Vegetable soup (with tomatoes, carrots, fennel, leeks, peppers,
garlic and parsley)
Hummus and ww pita
Another banana (that he filched from the bag!)
Half an orange

(I had the soup. Just a bigger bowl.)

Brown rice cake

blue corn chips and fat free refried beans
Salad (2 bowls!)

Day before that:

1 1/2 bowls Puffins with blueberries in nut milk
fruit smoothie

I had a fruit smoothie


The vegetable tomato soup again for me
plus an almond butter and banana sandwich on sprouted grain bread for DS
cucumber spears

Veggie chik patties
grapes (for DS)
hummus for DH and I

And one more day:

vegan banana nut pancakes w/real maple syrup (for DS)
fruit for me and DS on the side
Smoothie for DH

red lentil dahl

baked tofu
Waldorf salad (from Vegan Vittles I think. Maybe Table for Two)
(this was for all of us)

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I have been trying to make larger batches of things and freeze the extras for another dinner or a lunch. I just froze some tofu/veggie curry- we will see how it turns out reheated! I froze jasmine rice separatly and it turned out great. I am trying to get into making and freezing more dinners since it is so hard to cook a healthy meal during the week with a toddler and a new babe due! And then cleaning up the kitchen!

I also have been trying to prep/wash/cut all of the veggies at once so I can quickly throw together a stir fry. We just got a rice cooker which is great! I can also cook lentils and rice and other things in there while I am not in the kitchen.
I have a crock pot that I cook beans or chili in once a week or so.
I steam a bunch of veggies at once to add to things like broccoli and carrots or beats to throw in salads or pasta or tortillas or finger food for my toddler.

I don't care much for canned beans or soups so I prefer to make my own and freeze them.

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I plan my menu for the week, so I can give you this weeks menu

Monday- Stuffed shells, salad and bread machine bread
Tueaday- Veggie burgers, No fry frrench fries, Is eason these with cumin and pepper and bake them in the oven
Wednesday- Vegetable stir fry, with basmati rice. I am trying to get my family to switch over to brown rice but I just recently got them eating tofu, one thing at a time.
Thursday- Vegetable curry with rice and vegetable gyozoa and edamame.
Friday- Homemade Pizza
The weekends are kinda improvise nights, sometimes it is leftovers or I try a new recipe on Sundays.
I ake a big fruit salad and veggie tray on the day i come home from grocery shopping so I pull that out at lunch and dinner.
Lunch for myself and ds is usually lentil soup or tomato bisque. Mac and cheese. we do alot of park days so I slice up some cheese and bring fruit and whole wheat crackers in our lunch box.
On the weekends for lunch for my family I make potato pancakes, you can freeze these after you cook them. Right now I am serving them with homemade applesauce.

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hey mojomom..your schedule is similar to mine.
I never can actually follow a meal plan like you had set up. I should. But so hard when dh always in different mood each day or had a big lunch so not in mood for dinner etc.

I also want to work my way through some new vegetarian cookbook to try out different things. weekends are the best time to try out new things but we are always out due to beautiful weather, now its hiking season and then soon winter comes fast.

thanks for sharing everyone.

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