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When can baby use a sippy cup?

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My baby never used a bottle (we tried a few times but no go; plus we honestly didn't really try "that" hard...). Now she's 7 months old and I like to go into the office for 2-3 hours a day. My DH watches her during that time. It's flexible, so if she gets hungry early I just go home (it's a whopping 5 minute commute).

But I was thinking about a sippy cup for EBM; that way I can get my full 3 hours each day (which benefits baby since I don't have to work as long from home at night if I can get stuff done at the office). Is 7 months ok to use a sippy cup? You can tell I know nothing about babies except for mine
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You can offer a sippy whenever you want, some babies take to them early (like 5-6 mos) and others never do. My son wasn't really into sippies until after a year. He did like drinking out of water bottles and regular glasses.
You should take out the no-spill valve (if your cup has one) when they are first learning to use one.
We tried a sippy cup with G when he was almost five months. he loved it although he never got much water down his throat
Last week, we went out to lunch and he was very interested in my drink, so I used the stray as a pipette and offered him water that way. He had a great time and most of it went down! If the sippy cup doesn't work, you could try this (although it may take a long time!)
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My 8mo drinks ebm out of a regular cup if needed. Sometimes it is a little messy, but it works. We use a 2 handled one so I have 1 side and she gets the other. Works well for us!
Felicity mastered the 2 handled sippy cup in about 5 minutes, and she is 5 1/2 months old. So "some kids" can use it really soon. I have introduced the sippy cup empty at about 5 months for a toy. Then when they get the cup to mouth thing going, I put a little water in the cup with no stopper in it and they get the water out. Then I put the stopper in, and that;s it.
First of all, I'm jealous of the 5 minute commute! I live in Houston, so in 5 minutes, you are pretty much NOWHERE unless you are lucky and can afford the super high rents/mortgages of places in the inner loop!

Second, we gave ds a sippy at 6 months and he took to it without a problem. The only issue we had was that he needed the ones with handles because his little hands couldn't hold the cup without handles. Now he uses ones without handles, but sometimes in the mornings or when really tired he likes it when you hold it for him, like a bottle. I don't mind, I think it's cute!

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I gave my ds a sippy cup quite early, I think about 5 months, because he wouldn't drink EBM from a bottle. He happily drank from the sippy cup the first time and I wondered why I had struggled so long with bottles and droppers (yes, my dh used droppers to feed him for a while). I started with one with the soft spout (Nuby), but changed to hard spouts when he got teeth.
I offer a sippy when they can hold it themselves. Close to 1 yr for DD. DS is showing interest now at 8 mos. It is a psrt of just knowing your childs needs. Have fun.
We gave dd a sippy cup starting a month or so ago. It took a few days for her to get that she had to suck on it (even though she'll take expressed BM in a bottle), but even after she figured that out, she still didn't get that it had to be tipped up. So I switched her to the Nuby, which has a soft straw. I started by using my own straw, and trapping water in it with my thumb over the end. When she sucked on it, I "rewarded" her by letting the water out (she loves drinking water). So she learned to suck on the straw really fast. When I gave her the Nuby, she figured it out immediately.
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