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When can you give almonds?

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Of course, peanuts are out for a long time. But, what about almonds? My 2 y.o. LOVES them and I just put a cup of cuisinarted almonds in a loaf of bread we're baking. Then, I realized my 10 mos old will be eating it. How are almonds and peanuts related if at all? Is it safe?

Then, how about almond butter? My toddler loves almond butter/jelly sandwiches and Babe doesn't understand why he can't share.

All the questions..
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I'm going to move this to the good eating forum. The ladies there are wonders when it comes to food questions.
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The general recommendation is 1 year for nuts and 2 years old for peanuts. If you have no history of allergies in the family, you can be flexible. I gave my girls almonds before they were a year old peanuts before they were two and we didn't have any problems. You'll have to decide what's best for your family. You could call your pediatrician too and ask . . .
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