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When can you start giving your baby herbal teas?

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My dd is 7 months old and we are starting to give her a sippy cup. I was wondering at what age can she start drinking herbal teas? I have friends giving their babies juices already, but we want to avoid juice completely.

Also, what teas are safe for a baby to start with - I was thinking peppermint. How about raspberry leaf? I want teas that are healthful without being medicinal, of course.
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Peppermint is one that baby should be a bit older - I can't remember the recommended age - 7 months might be okay but you might want to wait to be sure. The ones I know are safe are chamomille, fennel, catnip. I think red raspberry leaf is okay.
I'm not sure on herbal teas, but many of my Asian friends give their babies green tea at young ages. I don't know if I'd do green tea, but I did give my girls watered down white tea (made from the buds of the same plant that green tea comes from) when they were little - a bit over 1 y/o. Since these do have caffeine, I'd probably be more inclined to wait a while.

I am wondering if you might want to give her a little carrot juice or something like that which has at least a little more nutritional value than the juices that your friends are giving their babes. If not, hopefully someone else has more info on herbal teas for you!
Rooibos tea is a good one. It's loaded with antioxidants and calcium and is delicious iced as well as hot. Lots of mommas here give their babes this tea.
I give rooibos, chamomile, fennel, lemon balm, and catnip. There wouldn't be any reason to not give rasp. leaf. It is high in calcium, esp. when combined with nettle, oatstraw, comfrey and lemon grass. This is great for babies who are or about to start teething. One part of each, two parts of the lemon grass. I have used these herbs consistently with each of my children and they are a staple on our shelves for everyday use or during esp. fussy times.
And I know there is one I am forgetting but my brain is starting to shut down.
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I agree with Cathe that Peppermint is too much for her right now but many herbs are very safe and nutritious at a young age.

Here is a recipe I use with my post partum moms that is safe for their babes too. I used herbal teas with my babe as young as 6 weeks.

2 parts Chamomile flower
2 part lavender flower
1 part catnip leaf and flower
1 part spearmint
1 part nettle
1 part red raspberry leaf
1 part linden flower and leaf
1 part lemonbalm

This is such a lovely tea either as a hot tea or an iced tea! Dilute for young babes.

In the case of my young babe at six weeks had a mild case of collic and this tea solved it. I just let it cool and then with an eyedropper gave her a bit into her mouth.

Now at 31 months she asks to blend her own tea each day from her own tea cupboard!
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