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When did OS Mutts (or other OS dipes) start fitting your babe?

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Just wondering if I should buy a few OS Mutts second hand to try now, or if I should wait a little longer. Did they work for your baby early on?
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Those things snap down really small! I haven't tried it on a newbie yet but I can see it fitting easily, I'm expecting a 8-9lb babe though. Moose can wear them easily, so they'll get used even if they don't fit Muffin at first.
Skylar started fitting his around 9.5lbs ... it was a bit bulky but did fit and was especially good for those longer periods of sleep when I didn't want to wake him up to change him.
My baby fit into the one-size dipes right away, SOS and Wonderoo. We didn't have a Mutt yet when she was born, but she would have fit that too, easily.

The one-size dipes were my favorite when she was small. She grew faster than I expected, and suddenly most of the diapers didn't fit her. The one-size diapers fit throughout, and I wish I had purchased more of them while pregnant.
Around 10 pounds
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