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When did you get a BFN after your MC?

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Hi, I had a MC at 12 weeks 2 weeks ago. I have not had a HCG blood test before or after, but am checking myself with HPTs. I got a + 2 days ago and another one today and it looks the same darkness. It's light, but not faint by any means. How long does it take to get the HCG out of your body?
I'm still bleeding off and on, it had stopped, picked back up for a few days and I think today i'm spotting again. Just wondering how long this wait is going to be....
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I am sorry for your loss, momma

My hpt was positive for 16-24 days following my losses. I cannot recall now which gestation lined up with how many days. Our last loss was 3-26-09 at 9w3d, I had a u/s on 4-15-09 that showed several follies and I got pregnant with one of those follies. Our rainbow baby was born 12-24-09. If I had just gone by hpts, I would not have known I was ovulating. The body can do strange and amazing things.

I wish you peace and comfort as you move forward. Gentle hugs to you.

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I was up for three months after my mc. It was really annoying. And then the first month that I COULD TTC, I had MRSA or some kind of infection so I needed antibiotics and I wasn't allowed to TTC. **sigh**
I had a m/c at about 8 wks and it took about 4 weeks for a dollar store test to be negative. (The doctor said not to worry unless it was more than 6-8 weeks.)

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Thanks for your answers and
to you all.
I'm 15 days passed and got another + today but lighter than the one a few days ago. I'm using ICs. I'm still spotting though, it stops and starts up again. I'm supposed to go back and see the OB in 2.5 weeks, but if I'm not bleeding and getting BFNs I'll probably bail on the appt. I won't want to be reminded. Fingers crossed I get a a BFN soon (I've never said that phrase before in my life, LOL).
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I got a BFN about 2 weeks after the bleeding started and ovulated about 5 days after that. I was 10 weeks pregnant when I had the m/c
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In case anyone was wondering (probably not) but I'm still getting BFPs but did get a negative on an OPK yesterday, so I'm hoping my levels are low low low. Still spotting. *sigh*
I had my mc from about Dec 14 - Dec 28 (with gaps in btw). I tested on Dec 31 and it was negative. I hadn't thought to test before that so I don't know when it would have been negative.
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