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When did your baby drop?

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Ok, I think the baby may have dropped into my pelvis, but I am not sure. I am only starting my week 34, is that too early?

Sunday night I had the typical shortness of breath that I kept getting and heartburn. It also felt like the baby was very active that evening, she always is but this time it was more so. Then, I fell asleep and wound up waking up every hour throughout the night to pee! When my bladder would get the least bit full the pressure down in my pelvis and lower abdomen was really bad. I was thinking, "Do I have a bladder infection?" but there was no burning. This lasted until mid morning, but there is still alot of extra pressure down low that wasn't there before. I am still peeing more than usual, but not as much as that night.

I'd be inclined to think I just have some bladder weirdness going on, but I am also noticing I can breathe again and my boobs no longer are resting on my belly! My belly looks and feels smaller, I don't feel huge and "out to there", but instead I have that pressure down low. My husband noticed, without any prompting from me, that my belly looks smaller and 'different'.

I looked it up online and it said that the baby tends to drop 2-4 weeks before birth. Well, that will only put me at week 36-38. Is that OK? The midwife did tell me before that because my cycles were so short she expects the baby to come before the due date, but I don't want to go into labor TOO early. (ust watch, all this hooha, and I will be the most overue pregnant woman in the history of the planet.
) I was a preemie, so I think I have a tendency to worry about this.

Thanks for your input!
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dd 'dropped' at 29 weeks for me and i was induced (long story..
) at 38 weeks and she *so* was not ready to come...

i was definitely SMALLER , i actually didnt know what happened at the time. i got up that morning and noticed it and called my friend and came on here saying 'oh my God, my stomach shrank....' lol

i've read of lots of babies 'dropping' around this time so i wouldnt worry about baby getting here dd was as stubborn as they come

but just for ur reassurance u could talk to ur midwife to ease any worries

good luck's an amazing journey...
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This one (my second baby) dropped at 36 weeks. Today is my edd and no baby yet! However, she keeps going lower and lower...yesterday, i found that i can't see my belly button anymore.
Anyway, I wouldn't take this as a sign that you'll have the baby in 2-4 weeks, especially if this is your first. In fact, all those 2-4 week signs are bs. But I'm just bitter
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Oh goodness - does that mean your heartburn went away too? Can I hope for that? I'm 34 weeks and the baby's still sitting high. That line from the commercials keeps running through my head, "you can feel the acid wearing away the lining of your esophagus...."

But maybe there's hope on the horizon!

My friend's baby dropped down around week 34-35, and she's almost to 40 weeks now with no issues.

How exciting for you, though! Congratulations - and good job, little Attila-baby, you're getting ready and you know just what to do!
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