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when did your toddler stop putting everything in their mouth?

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My dd is 16 months and still puts everything in her mouth. Everything. Crud she finds on the floor, big brother's toys with tiny parts, everything. Seems like she stopped briefly, but now she's doing it even more. When will this end?
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From my experience... never. 33 months and going strong
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Wow! I hope it ends soon for me. Last weekend we fished out a bunch of Lego pieces he was storing in his mouth.
His older brother is tired of not being able to play where he wants and leave his Lego world set up.
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I have several kindergarteners in my class at school who still put everything in their mouth. ugh!
My daughter stopped doing that really early, at about a year. But, my son was another story. He was prolly around 2 or so.
DS is 3 and still puts everything in his mouth. I mean not stuff from the floor, but anything he's holding he'll put mindlessly into his mouth when he's not paying attention. It drives me completely crazy.
It seems highly individual. DD stopped putting things in her mouth around her first birthday, but I have kids I teach that are 3-4 and a few of them are very "mouthy".

Today at the Zoo saw a kid who looked about 5 and I kept hearing his mom tell him to stop putting things in his mouth or licking things etc..
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