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When do babies get in the 'right' position?

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LO is technically head down now but his head is in the lower left (feet in my right ribs). It feels like his feet still migrate around but when should I expect him to get and keep a position? The lowest sensations I get are what I think are hiccups (they feel like light but regular tapping). What part of him would I feel the hiccups from? His head? Back?
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I would assume chest? ...but I'm not sure. As for the question in your subject line, I think most HCPs like for the baby to be head down by 38 weeks, maybe even 36. If your baby is breech at 34 or 35 I would definitely spend a lot of time in a position to encourage him to turn around, or see a chiropractor who is skilled in the Webster technique for turning babies.
My DD was head down from about 6 months preg and stayed head down until birth. But I've heard of babies turning at the last minute/day/weeks, too.
It depends on the first was head down by 32 weeks and stayed that way while my third didn't stay head down until 37 weeks...he kept flipping. I started seeing a chiropractor for Webster technique with my third at 31 weeks.

And I feel hiccups where the head is...with my first it was always down low...with my third I felt them all day I felt them near my ribs then on my left side and then again later down I'm pretty sure he flipped that day.
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