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when do babies stop going

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Poo with every diaper change and feeding?? My Baby is 5 weeks old and Im just getting enough diapers for an entire days worth which is 16 diapers. However tonight she pooped in a diaper I just put on and then I changed her and she went again we went through this 3 times in an hr!!! Isnt there an age( 1 month, 2 months) that they stop going all the time?? Now shes in a disposable because Im out of sturdy night diapers!! Ugh I cant wait for more fluff to come!!!!
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DS#2 was around 2 1/2 months when he slowed down some, but he still goes at least 6 times a day. I guess I got spoiled by ds#1 who was going once every 3 days by around 1 month old. :LOL
sorry i have to laugh i so know what you are going thru. my youngest has always been an avid pooper. today we had a very odd day he ONLY pooped 2 times.
I would guess that he started to get more regulare when he started solids and that was at 10 months.
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DS is 19 months and still poops twice, sometimes three times a day. Diapering would be a lot more enjoyable if he would poop only once a day!!
its like she knows that we only have a few good diapers left too!!
My dd is 12 weeks on Tues. and she doesn't poop but a couple times a day.. and sometimes not every day. It use to be every diaper change. She is still 100% breast fed too.
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Usually between 6-8 weeks there is a change in the "poop cycle". :LOL Wish someone had told us when DD (first born) was that age and suddenly went 6 days without a poop. Scared the well you know
out of a couple newbie parents. Especially since she was going constantly before that.

They still seem to have a knack for having a sudden poop episode (having to change 2-3 diapers within a very short time (30 minutes or less) when you don't have a lot of spares around.
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It really depends on the baby. Some, like my oldest daughter, will stop once they get past that "newborn" stage. And then there are babies like my youngest, who at 9 months still poops eachtime she nurses.
I think my baby slowed down around 2 months and now at 4 months, he usually goes only once a day.
I remember those changes where we used 3 diapers in one changing :LOL we had plenty diapers though and would always laugh about it.
I would say by 6 weeks DD started to poo maybe once a day and its now every other day or less often.
I used to long for the days my baby wouldn't poop at each change. It was so hard on her bottom. She is 3 months now and things have slowed down. Only problem with doing it all at once is volume and that once or twice a day blow-out!
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I remember the never-ending breastfed blowouts. But on my last two boys, as soon as the meconium passed, they would poop about once a week. It picks up when they get on solids, but not on breastmilk only.
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nak...just sharing your pain. I get happy if a diaper lasts one hour when he's awake. havin our share of piecemail poos too!

both my other 2 didn't slow down until solids were introduced, as best as i can recall.

OT: sophia kathleen (very close to your dd's name) was Zach's girl name
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we started solids at 4 months & that started the slowdown. she was a 6x a day pooper for the longest time! (apples will still get her going!) they're all different though, my friend's baby pooped every-other day since he was born & it was just his version of normal. sorry!!!
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