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When do feedings space out more?

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My baby is 5 weeks 3 days old and still eats every two hours. She will wait longer at night sometimes but not always and even then the most she has gone is 4 and that rarely happens. Should she still be eating this often? When will this change?
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I think it depends on the baby. I have a 5 month old right now who still insists on feeding every 2.5 - 3 hours. The most she'll sleep at night without feeding is 4 hours.

On the other hand, my older daughter starting eating about every 4 hours somewhere between 6-8 weeks, and at the same time started sleeping between 6-8 hours a night without a feeding.

Dd always ate about every 2 hours during the day until she started solids at around 11 months. She did, however, start eating much quicker around 6 months (only 10 minutes a feed). Overnight was different. At about 12 weeks she started sleeping 10 hours!!!! Wow....those were the days. It lasted about 3 months until her first tooth came in, and then we were back to several night feedings. Now, at 13 months, we do two feedings overnight and she nurses to nap and at bedtime. Honestly, I miss the relaxation of sitting and nursing, but I do remember feeling a little overwhealmed at first.
My 28 month old still nurses multiple times an hour, and has since birth. I think every two hours is normal for lots of babies and toddlers.
sigh. my 16 mo still nurses every hour or so, even at night. i dont mind it during the day, but IM LOSING MY FLIPPING MIND at night!

so my answer is: never! she will be constantly attached to your boob until she moves into her own house.
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Some babies love to nurse often...others only nurse often at certain times like before a growth spurt. But at 5 weeks I wouldn't worry about it yet. Babies are all very different.

At 5 weeks, nursing every 2 hours OR MORE is completely normal!
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