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Both of my dd's still are serious chewers at 13 months. Sweet Pea has such a strong bite that she has managed to chew small chunks out of wood toys.

Pretty much the only "no" that I have for my dd's is that board books are "not for eating" because they would destroy the books, but we all enjoy having them around to read so I don't want to remove them.

They are wanting to hold and touch so many more things now, but then they want to chew them. For example at the grocery store both dd's wanted to hold the boxes of pasta. They were facinated with shaking them, and I really want them to have those experiences. Then though they start chewing on them and would wind-up eating the cardboard, so I have to take them away.

When do toddler stop chewing, or at least understand that only certain items can be chewed on?
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