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When do they stop putting EVERYTHING in their mouths?

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When do lo's stop (or when did your lo's stop putting every single thing in their mouths?

She is 13 months old, and still obsessed with putting things in her mouth, literally EVERYTHING! It's so aggravating to do a thorough sweep of the floor, and then for her to still find something to put in her mouth (and usually gag on!)
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I used to teach 2-3 year olds. I would say it lessens during the 2 year old year. Their play starts to develop in other ways but the remain very sensory. They put stuff in their mouths because the nerve endings are the most sensitive there. It is the best way for them to construct concepts of physical properties. The kids I had would eat playdough, lick paint, bite the puzzles, drink water from the sensory table......ick I know but it is just their development. Next they move on to painting their arms and faces and soaking themselves in the water table. Any quality Early Childhood environment will respect this. Sorry for the lecture. I don't get to talk shop much anymore.
Harmony08 makes good points. I heard the mouth described as "the third hand." They are learning that object in every way, building new pathways in their brain.
I have learned with my almost 1YO that after he has investigated an object a couple times, I can sometimes get him to give up the object, using "No" and redirection. I say sometimes, as some objects apparently have much greater appeal that others. That empty toilet paper roll for instance...that is never given up without a fight.
I thought my son was strange for how often he did this. he could find the smallest speck of lint or drywall mud (DH is a drywall finisher) on the floor and ZIPPPPP, right in the mouth. It got better when he started walking on a regular basis, mostly because the floor was so much further away,
. But he still does it at almost 19 months. There is more of a delay now, though, and I can get him to hand it over a little more then HALF the time.
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