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When do they teeth?

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I know all babies are different but I am wondering when is the earliest a baby can start teething? How can you tell they are teething? Thanks.
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yep..youll find teething babes all over the spectrum. My dd is 4 1/2 months and is totally teething. She is drooling PROFUSELY, chewing on her hands and anything she can shove in her mouth like crazy ( she thinks chewing on daddy's arm is yummy!), and she has little white spots under her gums......teeth buds. Sounds like teething to me. Of course, she could teethe for eternity and not get these her first tooth for another month or two. My ds started teething at 4 months and didn't get his first tooth till 6 months, which is about average.
Talked to a friend over the weekend, he says he was BORN with 2 teeth!
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Yep, I heard of a baby born with one tooth too!
Oh, my. Born with a tooth, wow!
My dd cut her first two teeth at four months -- pretty early. Like others said, it can be all over the spectrum.
My DD started teething around 16 weeks! She was drooling rivers, gnawing really hard on anything that she could coax in her mouth (although, thankfully, not my nipples), fussing, red cheeks, the whole bit.
She will be 7 months old on Friday and STILL no teeth

My mother said that I got my first tooth at 4 months, but it went back under again and reappeared at 6 1/2 months!
I guess sometimes gums and jaws grow faster than the tooth.
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I had teeth by 4 months, my ds cut his first teeth at 7 months, dd is teething now at 5.5 months.
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