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WHEN do you sew???

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i just want to sew all the time, but every day goes by and i don't do anything with it!! i am sewing NB dipes for our baby in Oct. and my 2 yo's stash has shruunk due to his falling apart...(lesson: don't use old sheets if you want them to last...
) so i'm in the process of "restocking" his stash and sewing for the baby. so when do you all sew/knit/or whatever is it you do?
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My kids never wanted to cosleep. They both sleep in their own rooms. So, I normally sew after they go to bed. Once in a while they both nap at the same time and I'll sew then.
And sometimes I just cut out 4 diapers one day. The next they get elastic, and so on. They don't all get finished in one sitting.
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Definitely when they are sleeping is when I sew! I am beginning to love long road trips in the car b/c it means that if the kids sleep I can work on knitting which is my new favorite pasttime.
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When ds is sleeping. I stay up late! I wish I had more time to sew!
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Yup...night/nap time for me too (when I'm not here on MDC surfing the boards!). Last night I worked on some small hand sewing projects in front of the TV.

After about 6 months, dd was a horrible co-sleeper too--nobody slept with her in the bed, including her! So I get my projects done after she's in bed!

I tried to sew on my machine once with dd in the room was all going well until she discovered the foot pedal and sat on it/played with it for fun. I decided I didn't need to lose a finger! :LOL
when they sleep at night, or even during the day when baby is playing on the floor or napping. I leave my sewing machine out all the time, and right in the living room so whenever I have a moment I can sit down and sew, even if its one seam at a time.
Definitely when ds goes to bed :LOL But, my group has a mommy craft day once a month from 9am-6pm on the third saturday of the month. It's fantastic!!!!
When they are asleep. And when I can tear myself away from here :LOL I do alot of cutting during the day when I can but the sewing is all after everyone is in bed.
Afternoons,when dd's napping and the older ones are reading or whatever.It's gotten to hot most afternoons to do much besides swim ,so were usually in the house.I never finish anything in one day anymore-seems like some projects take FOREVER!
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