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When Do You Sew???

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I am having trouble findng time to sew. My son just turned 2 and is so into everything that there is just no way I can sew with him around. I think I could probably do it during his naptime, but I am usually doing more "necessary" things during that time. I generally go to bed with him, otherwise I'd do it after he went to bed... any suggestions for me?
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I didn't sew for ever -- I'm only just starting now, and it is either during naptime or after bed time so far. Though is you're just doing a small amount of work or making something for them, they might find watching interesting enough that you can get some work done, though i didn't try this with my oldest till he was four.
I sewed drapes, all of my materinity clothes, shirts for my DH, tablecloths, napkins, baby cloths until my DD was five and I had two DS's, 3 and 1.

I stopped cold.

I did not start sewing for another fifteen years.

When I sew, I sew all over the house with pins and needles and scissors and hot irons all over the place!


This was incompatible with little children running around and being normal. I just mended things for a while.

I started sewing again when my youngest was eight. I taught him to sew. I now sew costumes for my school performances, and my talents are appreciated.

I did not lose my touch!

I guess there is a time and a place for everything!!
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