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When Do Your 2-Wk Appts Start?

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I went in at week 29 and then they scheduled my appt after that for week 33. It seems like most folks are going every 2 weeks around week 28.

What do you think?

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This time, surprisingly, my 2 week appointments started right after my 26 week appt. But that may be because I am old
(41) and had a few problems early on with the pregnancy...
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My midwife mentioned once that I'd be doing 2 week appointments in the third tri. My next appt. is at 26 weeks, so I'd imagine I'll start after that? She hasn't said anything since then, so I'm not totally sure.
Mine started at 28 weeks/3rd trimester.
at 28 weeks i think...i have my next appt. with my OBGYN at 26 weeks, and then it's every 2 after that. until the last month of course. and then the dreaded ones come.
I had an appointment on the 25th, and my next one is the 8th. That's my first two-week appointment, and I'll be about 35 weeks. So, I guess they started scheduling them at 33 weeks...
I've been going every 2 weeks since I was 9 weeks-diabetes.
I say the longer you can go between, the better.
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I checked with the birth center, and they will start ev 2 wks at 36 weeks. That seems late, but I'm low risk--so maybe that's why.
I'm starting them now, at 30 weeks. I had an appt. yesterday and my next appt. will be in the middle of June. I kinda wanted to keep them at 3 weeks, but I'm okay with every 2 weeks until 36 weeks, then every week.
Mmm... 31 weeks. I had a 2 week at 31 weeks, one at 33 weeks and now I am starting my weeklies at 35 weeks (first weekly appt today! yeah!).
At 32 weeks for me.

1-week appts. started at 36 weeks.
32 weeks. 2 weeks after my 30th week.

Start weekly at 35 weeks.
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