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when doctors talk mothers into unnecessarily weaning :(

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A friend of mine was telling me that she bf her 3 kids, and the first 2 she bf until 9 months because her ped told her that the quality of the milk decreased after that. the doctor said that the only time they recommend breastfeeding after that, is when the mother is unable (economically) to provide good nutrition (I don't know if good nutrition = abm for peds). (in re: to this, I thought, better be a poor kid in then they get bf longer)

but, my question is.. WHY do some doctors encourage weaning at this age?

Are there any studies that ever suggested the quality of the milk decreases after a certain age? (because I suppose if a ped. makes a suggestion like this, he must have a scientific back-up)

I told her how now we know that bm changes in composition as the baby grows into a toddler and even later than that, to meet the individual child's need.

but I am curious as to why the doctor would say something like this, if in fact, there is no science to support it.
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that makes no sense. If they think the quality of milk goes away after that, then why would they recommend it in cases where a mother is "unable' to provide good nutrition. I am confused too how they woudl think this. Especially since alot of people would not be here were it not for wetnurses, who could successfully nurse babies for other people for many years.
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I thought the same thing. that's why I thought I'd ask you mamas....
Nothing ticks me off more than doctors who talk women out of breastfeeding. NOTHING.


The idea that milk loses nutritional value after a certain amount of time is completely made up. So are all of the other hundreds of "reasons" (excuses) doctors give women to talk them out of breastfeeding.

Doctors take bribes from formula companies/the dairy industry.

Many of them also feel threatened by female power.
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Its my understanding that premature weaning, is a legacy of a formula-feeding culture.

When people stopped breastfeeding and started using breast-milk substitutes (ie. milk, water and corn syrup recipes) these substitutes were known to be quite deficient in nutrients. So actually, it was thought the sooner you could get the kid onto solids, juice, etc, the baby would have a chance to get the nutrients that was lacking in the articficial milk.

This kind of thinking was then transfered back onto breastmilk (wrong of course. Even after solids are started, breastmilk is a more perfect, complete and nutrient dense food that any solid).

So when they are saying that breastmilk isn't good enough after XX months, they really are thinking breastmilk is the same as formula, and formula wouldn't be good enough at XX months.

How does that theory sound?


Originally Posted by Janice in Canada
How does that theory sound?

I actually think it sounds about right to me!

Mother's milk does change, and I'm sure it loses a little nutritional value. I mean, look at how wonderful that first liquid gold is! I read somewhere, that if they could bottle it up and sell it, it would be worth about 80$ an ounce!
But with as much nutritional value it loses, it is still way better than formula and most baby foods.
Doctors just always have to be right. When Eva was born, she gained almost 2 pounds a month for the first 2 months. But her doctor wanted her supplemented with formula 3 to 4 times a day to fatten her up! I didn't, and stuck with breastfeeding and at Eva's 4 month appointment, she had gained 6 pounds in 2 months! I constantly have to tell the doctor that Eva is almost completely breastfed but she often mentions for Eva to try eating foods. Eva had thrush once and the doctor told me it could be an allergic reaction to something in my milk! But gave me the thrush medication for it anyway "just in case" she said.
Doctor's just always have to seem so smart. Or at least the ones I met do!!
My brother has a friend that said she might want to be a pediatrician, and I told him to be sure to tell her to be breastfeeding, co-sleeping, non-vax friendly!
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Breastmilk is always the perfect nutrition for whatever age the child is. It actually becomes more concentrated with immunities over time.
and once again sbf and i are on the same page. it loses nothing, it is ideal. no doubt my milk since tandeming (i refuse to say 'breastmilk; it's milk, & cow's milk, at least here where people will know what i am talking about! and 'bm' already means something else, lol) is even more extraordinarily balanced to meet the needs of a three & a two yr old.

i am a raving capitalist, but even i can see where this whole thing went wrong. making money on abm is wrong. the existence of it is a godsend to those who need it, but the promotion of it has been evil, evil. call me socialist on this one; for few things have been worse for society than letting companies make fortunes making babies sick.

regarding whethet human milk loses its nutritional value, and how long could you live on human milk alone, see this story:

(There is a mom on one of these boards, I can't remember who, who actually was one of the moms who donated to Lacie many years ago)

Anyhow, this is one of the most interesting ideas I've seen in a long time:

am a raving capitalist, but even i can see where this whole thing went wrong. making money on abm is wrong. the existence of it is a godsend to those who need it, but the promotion of it has been evil, evil. call me socialist on this one; for few things have been worse for society than letting companies make fortunes making babies sick.
I live in quite a socialist province. I am intrigued with the idea of making the formula co's what we call a "crown corporation" - owned by the gov't to serve the people (our utilities are crown's - phone, power, etc).

I'm going to bat this idea around with a few people. hmmmm.

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OMG I think this is the same girl my mom pumped for!! I am going to send it to her and see, but I'm almost postive!!
I managed to get one small shipment off to Lacie, back in '91. I was told that she was 11 at that time and that they were going to try giving her a carrot in with her milk soon...then never heard anything after that and lost contact with the mom who coordinated the shipments from this area.

Breastmilk loses NOTHING in nutrition, children simply grow beyond that being the only thing they need. Is brocolli junk food because a person cannot live on a diet made up exclusively of brocolli?

Suse, I often use MM, mother's milk, instead of BM, if that helps.
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I am curious about this because I have heard of many, many doctors telling mothers to wean after 9 months because mama milk would "loose it's nutrition". I guess it's a myth that old doctors pass to new ones
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Ugh. Ignorance stinks.

Do you know that at my first ob appt for this baby, my doctor's FIRST question was "have you weaned your daughter yet?" (she was 11 months old) I said "Actually, she just weaned due to the pregnancy, but it wasn't my idea... and I am still pumping, but I'm pretty dry"

But I can guarantee you if I WAS still nursing and WAS NOT as educated as I am on bf'ing I would have said "okay, you're right" and weaned!

Makes me sick!!!

Sorry, that was my OT vent
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Just had to add that my mom pumped for Lacie too. It was 1982 or 83, because she was nursing my brother at the time. We had a freezer full of milk, and Lacie's picture on our fridge.
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