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When does rupture happen?

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Can it be at any time during labor and delivery...or is it in the pushing stage or what?

I've been reading and what I've read doesn't mention when it happens...just that it is a chance.
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Its our family, I just read this section in the VBAC Companion by Diana Korte (1997) that seems to answer your question perfectly:

'However, according to the Cochrane Database of Systemic Reviews, the largest and most reliable pregnancy and childbirth resource, a history of a cesarean is a factor in less than half of reported cases of uterine rupture. Rupture can occur in any trimester, or in a woman who has not had a cesarean, or even in a woman who is not pregnant.'

It goes on to talk about other risk factors for ruptures, like a history of D&Cs. But hey, as c/b women, we get the bad rap.
It would seem (to me, a layperson) that OBs/hospitals are most concerned about a rupture during labor. I mean, even though the PP's quote says they can happen during any trimester, I've never heard of a woman having to stay in the hospital for her entire pregnancy for fear of a rupture.

However, I've read quite a bit about VBACs having to be under precise circumstances, w/lots of monitoring during labor. I know it's a CYA thing for docs/hospitals, but it does make sense to me (not having to labor under all that monitoring, but that labor being the time when a rupture might be most likely to occur). I mean, that's when the scar would be under the most pressure, right? Your uterus is a big as it's gonna get, and the contractions exert pressure on it.

Like I said, I'm just a layperson, but thinking logically (or semi-logically, didn't get much sleep last night
) it seems that would be the concern. Maybe someone with a little more knowledge will be along to inform us definitively.

eta: Sorry, duh, I just reread your post and realize that I didn't answer your question at all.
Must read more closely in future (or drink more coffee). New answer: I don't know. How's that for no help?
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Its our family, your question sent me on a quest to find out more. Here is a link:
that lists several abstracts on uterine rupture in VBAC moms. Interesting if complicated reading.
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