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I am new to nursing and have got some great help from LC in person and LLL over the phone. I am THRILLED to have found this site. I have spent the past two days (not much time a session though!!) reading over old posts and learning alot an gaining more confidence. DD is 8 weeks old. First child. Exclusively BF on demand. I block feed due to overactive supply. I block feed except int he mornings when I am super full on both sides as she always cluster feeds for a couple hours before bed and then awakens (we cosleep) about 3 times a night for a light 5-10 minute snack between her usual bedtime of 11:30ish (she sets my schedule as I am a SAHM) and 10 AM. She usually nurses 20-30 minutes during the day every 1 1/2-2 hours and sometimes cluster feeds closer together than that. Sometimes taking a 2 1/2 -3 hour nap but usually latel plays after feeding for 30 minutes or so feeds, plays again, and then naps 10-20 minutes. Very tiresome pattern she is in right now but worth it! She is 25" and weighed 14lbs a couple days ago. Already pulling up on my hands to sit, good head control. Not bad for a NICU baby!

My questions: How do you know when baby wants to switch sides? Sometimes she will fuss a bit and I try everything and she still fusses but if I switch sides she is happy. Took me awhile to figure it out, but now since I know her dirty diaper face, and her sleepy cry, I try the switch sides first. Is that her cue for switching?

Is my fertility likely to return because of her long sleep at night? We are using condoms as I cannot let nature take its course right now as I had an emergency c-section with some complications and am also diabetic so my body must rest, I would think at least a year but Dr says at least 18months, before it is safe for me to get pregnant again. We had planned on just letting nature take its course and rely on the lactational infertility (we know FAM and NFP)

Thanks all!

If ou want to know more about me:
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