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Ds is 28 months, and we have really never had bedtime issues. He goes down for his nap and for bed pretty easily, at a pretty regular time. If I am home he nurses to sleep. Otherwise he falls asleep in the car or dh lays with him and reads until he falls asleep. He has been nightweaned for 4 months now without any problems. He goes to sleep in his own bed in our room, but comes into our bed after he wakes up. He coslept 100% until just before the age of 2.

But he won't stay asleep! He's still waking up about 2x a night, more if I'm not in bed with him, and I'm really getting tired of it. We want to TTC next month, but I'm scared about being pregnant and having a new baby with a toddler that is still waking up.

When did your nightweaned toddler sleep through the night? Was it right when you nightweaned, or much later?
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