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When is your first appointment?

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With my two living children, my family practitioner never wanted to see me until I was 9-10 weeks along. It was nice b/c we were able to hear the heartbeat right away.

When I was pg last September with our angel, they said they now wanted to see pregnant moms earlier, like 6 weeks or so.

I saw my FP and MW in combination last time. I was planning a homebirth. We heard the hb at 11 weeks. At 15 weeks I began spotting, and discovered that our baby had died right around 11 weeks, right after we heard the hb.

The OB the performed the D&C offered to do an u/s at 8 weeks for my next pregnancy.

Here's where I'm at now: I like the idea of an early u/s to see that everything is ok, but everything was ok last time until 11 weeks. My plan is to wait until I'm 11 weeks and see my FP for my first appointment. Then I can see my MW the next week and hear the hb again. The 11 week mark is going to be hardest for me because of what happened last time.

Any thoughts?

So, when is your first appointment going to be?
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I have an appt for blood work tomorrow. I'm going to see if I can talk my m/w into an 8 week U/S. I had an early m/c with my first pregnancy, before James. So it will be more for peace of mind than anything. I got to hear the h/b at 9 weeks with James. My m/w doesn't see anyone for pregnancy until after 12 weeks.
Lindsey, I wrestled with this too. I was going to wait until 8 weeks so I could "for sure" see something on the u/s. But since my dr needs to "confirm" my pg before I "real" visit, I'm going in on March 15 - I'll be 6w3d then. I hope to keep going back until we see a heartbeat (hopefully only 1 more visit at most) and then schedule the next appt 4 weeks from that point.

You have no idea, well, no, I think you do, how terrifying the thought of going in to do an u/s is. I keep thinking that we won't see anything again.
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I went to see the MW last Friday to confirm the pregnancy, Q&A, and bloodwork. She also gave us a packet of info to read thru. It was a relaxed visit and I am glad she did it. Our next visit is March 16th to go over the bloodwork. She said this visit would be longer.

All my friends said the doctors around here don't see pregnant patients til after 12 weeks. I was really glad the MW wanted to see us right away.
Appointment w/ midwife will be April 2. With Dante, we saw a doctor and the first appointment wasn't until 12 weeks.

- Kira
I get my 1st Beta tomorrow and another (plus a bunch of other crap) a week later.. my 1st real OB visit will be MArch 22nd.. I ma not sure what week that is 7 or 8 I think.. far enough to see a HB for sure if there is one.. we are crossing each bridge as it comes and not thinking too far ahead for self preservation
EDD 11/7/07
I went in for a blood test last Monday (4 weeks)
because I was getting wonky results with HPTs and I am impatient
Didn't see anyone other than the lab tech though. We toured the birth center last week and they like to see new patients ASAP to talk nutrition and stuff, so I am going tomorrow afternoon!
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We saw our OB with the first two at around 8w. They did an u/s then. This time I'm going in a 6w4d since my RE wants to do an u/s then. I'll be released to my regular OB after that.

I totally understand the fear and uncertainty of how to do things this time. I really hope to see the hb when I go in for my u/s but I know it's not a guarantee of anything and something can happen after that. But it will still be nice to see something then.

And Stacie the thought of the u/s scares me too. I doubt I'll sleep much on Thursday night. My traumatic u/s last June when they told me I would m/c was enough to freak me out about u/s for awhile!
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We have an appt on 3/23 which will be at about 8 weeks. We also have a loss history, at about 8 weeks. So the next pregnancy, they did an early u/s at about 8 weeks, which was a huge relief. Then last time, I hadn't had any regular cycles yet, so another early one to set a due date. This time, I almost wish for it again, just to see that baby is really there, but I doubt I will have one then.
The OB office i am useing doesn't see moms till 10 to 12 weeks unless there is an issue

We had a mal-formed placenta last time so they are seeing us at week 8 -- maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe a US

I am starting week 6 now.

it is a long wait, I am worried

In the same boat here.

My RE gave me the boot as far as beta's go, but offered an u/s at 6 weeks to check on things...but, its before that i loose them. Its like they are not hearing me about my loses. I guess they cant do much anyways, eh?

Going to see my mw on wed...but Im not sure what exactly more I want done.

what is a RE

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Originally Posted by Aimee21972 View Post

what is a RE

reproductive endocrinologist...I have some thyroid issues that might be keeping us from getting pg on our own...although, we were told NOT to get pg this month!!! SO much for not trying!! My hormones are so screwed up, I honestly dont know how this happed (except that I had to have O'd twice.)
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Still a bit in shock and doubt even though I got a positive. I miscarried at 5 weeks last time, so until my cycle is officially late (Thursday) and we reach 5 weeks, I don't think I'll make an appt.
(except that I had to have O'd twice.)
TWINS ????????????????????????
I have a appointment a week form today, I will be 6w 2d and we are getting a U/S. My Dr said that once you se a HB your risk of miscarriage drops to 2%. I hope he is right and we see our LBs heart.
I'm going on March 23. I'll be a little over 7 weeks based on my chart, but closer to 8 by the pregnancy wheel, lol.
Stacie M--You WILL see a baby this time. Everything is going to be perfect!

Stacey--Same for you, honey! Everything is going to be just fine.

Thanks everyone for responding. It's nice to see what everyone's plans are!
I don't plan to see anyone until about 12-14 weeks. Both of my miscarriages have been in the 12-16 week range. I will probably call the MW and give her a heads up, but I like to keep my prenatal visits to an absolute minimum, and I have no desire for an ultrasound or doppler or any AMA screening.
Thanks Lindsey ~ I am feeling more hopeful these days. Who knows if it's warranted or not, but I really want to just enjoy the days I have - that means fully embracing that there is a baby in there growing and developing just fine. If it turns out differently, it won't be any easier by not being hopeful now.
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