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I have not started to ween my ds, who will be 3 next month. But when our days are busy or I have been at work and I am so stressed out, I don't realize how much I need him to nurse until I put him down for a nap or just lay down with him. My mood becomes positive and we both just relax and melt.
That does not mean I havent thought about weening him. And sometimes I do get a little impatient with being 'attached' when he is nursing to fall asleep and I need to take the clothes out of the washer. But I've decided for now, I'll let him dictate and he can self ween. Thank goodness my dh will put him down at bedtime though, whew!
I am sorry that I have no great words of advice or answers. I can only say hang in there
get all the cuddles and kisses whe dd is awake!
Good luck and hugs to you!!
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