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When should I add Tea Tree Oil to the wash?

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2.5 year old dd has had some NASTY poops lately ~ so bad that she developed sores that bled!
I have been changing her immediately after she wets or poops or every hour (whichever is first). The sores are not going away, so I'm worried about bacteria in the dipes. When is the best time to add TTO to the diaper wash to help fight bacteria??

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I use it in the HOT wash, I think it would make it more potent when HOT

(I am the no-detergent queen, LOL, been using Baking Soda and TTO for 2+ weeks now and everything is cleaner and smells fresher and absorbs better)
I do a cold rinse, short cold soak.. then I add Tide Free to the hot wash, run another hot wash then add TTO to the final cold rinse. Never had a problem <knock on wood>
Thanks - I put it in the hot wash last night and the house STILL smells like TTO this morning! :LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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