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When should periods be regular?

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What age should a girl be getting "regular" periods by? Is is based on the age she got her 1st period, or by a certain age (e.g. 15-years-old)?

In other words, when do "normal irregular" teen periods signal a "problem" - like PCOD?
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I never had regular periods except while on the pill. Mine started at age 13 and they'd be anything between 28 days and 3 months apart. Of course, I haven't gotten it back since having my ds yet, maybe when they come back they'll be regular (crossing fingers). So, it can be pretty normal for some. I've never had a gyn think anything of it. ETA: I'll be 20 in 2 weeks.
I don't remember when my started being regular but my 13 year old started hers around a couple of months before her 13th birthday and they have been regular ever since. I think every girl is different. Mine happens to be VERY developed (size D cup!!) so I think that might have something to do with the regularity of her periods. I would just keep asking around to see what the range is.
I got my first period in 5th grade (lucky me) AND THEY WERE NEVER AND HAVE NEVER BEEN REGULAR UNLESS ON THE PILL AND EVEN THEN IT'S IFFY - sorry I accidentally hit the all caps button and I'm too lazy to type it all over again - although - i COULD HAVE JUST BY THE LENGTH OF THIS EXPLANATION!

Ack! I did it again!!!
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That sorta thing depends on the individual person, there is definately no set age where they become regular, many people only get regular periods on the pill. I've known people who didn't even get their periods until 16... It just all depends on the person. Personally I got mine when I was 12 and it took a year to settle down into a "pattern" so to speak.
I got mine at age 13. They were always regular.
The "normal" 28-day cycle is a myth. Kind of like a 40 week pregnancy!

It is entirely normal and healthy for some women to have irregular cycle lengths all the time. Mine are. They range from 28-38 days long.

But I think it's quite normal to have very irregular periods (as in missing a month, heavy bleeding, lighter bleeding) when a girl first starts menstruating. I wouldn't really worry until she's had it for a year or so. Ask your Dd if she's does she feel about it?
I don't schedule my periods, when they come i only know because after i urinate there is some blood on my toilet paper.

However, i do know that i have never been REGULAR.. I cannot mark a day on the schedule and expect my period on that day because that is when it was last month.

Periods are different for everyone.

You're daughter should be having a physical after she gets her first period (AFTER, not and the doctor will then be able to determine whether everything is ok down there or not.
I really don't think there is any "age" or amount of time where your periods just start getting "regular" is as individual as anything else about people...

I started mine when I was 13...and only last fall figured that what I thought was my "irregular" cycle is actually regular after all. I found a website where you put in the days of your period and, over time, it tells you the "average" days of your cycle...and even "predicts" when your next ones should come. Mind you, when I started doing it, I was very skeptical and laughed about the chances this thing could figure out what I myself hadn't been able to in 15 years. {My stupid calendar charting plan that just looked like a mess of odd periods over a couple years}

Turns out I have a 24 day cycle...and b/c of that every 3 months I have 2 periods in one month. What I thought was "irregular" was having 16 periods a year instead of what I thought was "normal" {12}. Even when I was on the Pill - my period always showed up somewhere in the middle of the pack instead of when it "should" have every few months. {Now I know why I guess.}

I can't remember the website's exact name but it is something like and the free membership is all I ever used. {I haven't been there in I don't know if it is still the same or not.}
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I am the same way...tho I do actually have an idea of about when it should come now. I went thru a phase where I thought it was "sooo important" to know exactly when it would come...but now it is just a fact of life and when it shows up I deal with it - have too many other stresses in life to worry about That all the time as well.

Hopefully I will be able to show my DD the same "no stress' attitude about it. It is a perfectly normal, natural part of life...and while it isn't fun by any means - you don't need to kill yourself stressing out over it.
I got mine just before I turned 11 and they were regular from the start. I went on the pill for several years and just came off and they are back to exactly how they were before.

I know lots of women are irregular though. Not sure that it's a problem unless the periods are exceptionally heavy or there's lots of cramping.
Mine started at age 14 and were regular after 2 months (32 day cycles).

DD stared at age 11, and is now 14, and they are still very irregular. She was overweight from age 8-12, so perhaps she got it prematurely? Is a doctor going to tell me anything useful, or should I stop worrying, and wait a year or two? DD is not concerned about it at all!
I remember that, as a teen talking with my friends, some of us were regular, some weren't. And it seemed that those who were the most active (a basketball player and a dancer) were more likely to have irregular periods.

This was a long time ago. Since then, I've seen studies that show if a girl's body fat drops below a certain point, her periods will become irregular, even if they had been regular before.
As if to prove me wrong my period started TODAY....almost a week early in my 24 week cycle. ~sigh~

I honestly haven't had it go irregular at all in over a was right on a 24 day cycle...not sure what this is all about but the cramps are much worse than usual and I am incredibly weepy tonight. ~sigh~
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