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When to give baby yogurt?

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My dd is 7 months today. We've boon doing solids for a few weeks, and she seems to like eating food. We're pretty laid back - some days she'll eat a lot, some days we don't get to the solids at all.

So far, she's had sweet potatoes, squash, peas, bananas and avocado. I thought she might like yogurt, and I've found sites that say it's ok to introduce it at around 7-8 months. Has anyone tried it that early? We don't have a history of dairy or any other food allergies in the family. She has never had formula and of course I'll wait until at least a year for cow's milk.

Thoughts? Experiences?
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I gave Alexis yogurt that early. If your drinking milk or eating yogurt, then she is getting some in her breastmilk. i would give it to her.

sorry nik
We started some organic whole milk yogurt around 8months or so. She liked it pretty well. It was important to me that it was organic and not lowfat though...

I gave my DD yogurt at around 8 mos with no problems. Stonyfield Farm makes a good organic whole-milk yogurt for babies that she loved. Don't worry about the fat solids on top - just mix it in.
ds ate yogurt at around 8 months without any problems. He loves plain whole milk yogurt now. When he was younger we sometimes mixed bananas or applesauce in it.
dd started youghurt at about 7 or 8 months. loves it! i second the stoneyfield farms organic. it has 6 or 7 strains of acidophilus as opposed to just 1 or 2 in many other youghurts.
my sweet gal is seven months too and i've been thinking about giving her some yogurt but here is my question?what's the difference between giving her whole milk yogurt and cow's milk?would it be basically the same thing??
yogurt is different because of the bacteria that are in it have broken down the large proteins.... I think

sorry, nak

thanks for starting this thread. i had been wondering the same thing myself. ds is over 8 mos now so i think we'll give it a go!
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If you're trying to limit sugar, I'd stick to plain yogurt. Even stoneyfield farms baby yogurt has a lot of sugar in it.
Also glad you asked this question, I have been wondering myself. Does anyone know if Kefir is also okay around 7 or 8 months, it is similar to yogurt but I think it has even better bacterias?
The bacteria in Kefir are largely the same as in yogurt.

If giving a baby yogurt (or Kefir) I would definitely NOT do Yo-Baby or any other sugary yogurt (whether organic or not). Your baby has not gotten used to sweetened American food lol so enjoy it while you can and get her used to the wholesome taste of unsweetened foods. We gave Stonyfield Farms and Brown Cow whole milk plain yogurt to dd and ds who adored it. And they drank plain Kefir with just a splash of organic pear or grape juice just to make me feel better because man that stuff is tart.

For our baby, I'm going to give the make-your-own yogurt another shot (I'm a homemade yogurt making dropout) after 9 months, which I'll do with unhomogenized milk. Homemade yogurt is milder too.
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She had her first taste of it today. Mixed a spoonful of homemade yogurt with her pureed brown rice and she loved it.
DD started eating plain yogurt at 6 mo. She loves it...usually mixed with bananas, avocadoes, or peaches. We get plain Brown Cow...DH and I love the ingredients list...Whole Milk & Live active cultures...and that is it
I was surprised at how much other STUFF is in the "baby" yogurt!! We'll stick with the plain stuff, besides it is cheaper too!!
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I introduced PLAIN yogurt at about 6.5 months. Like everything else she eats - she loved it!
I started the babe on plain, whole milk yogurt (brown cow) this week and he slurped it down.

I started my 1st dd on it even younger...she started solids early, though, as she refused bottles and I wanted her to be able to eat when I wasn't around.

Can't remember when I started my middle DD with it, but I fell for the yo-baby marketing ploy with her
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