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When to introduce more advanced foods?

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Perhaps this is better in Life with a Babe?

Anyway, dd is almost a year and I have only had her eat single ingredient foods. Nothing processed and nothing that had a lot of spices. We eat a lot of tomato based soups and things with wheat. I'm wondering when those things become ok. Is it recommended to hold off on wheat for longer than a year?

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By a year I'm comfortable with kids eating what we're eating as a general rule.

My DS' been eatingi just what we do since he started solids around 8-9 months. I think his first thing he ever ate was leavings from my tacos
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I think we let DS start eating what we were eating around 9 or 10 months old, rather then just single ingredient foods. By 1 I would have absolutely no problem with the concept.
As a mom of a food allergic babe my advice is to wait until age 2 to introduce any gluten directly to the babe. I also have opinions about other common allergens, but by one year old I think it is totally appropriate to be giving mixed foods, spices, whatever you're eating basically.

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By a year I'm comfortable with kids eating what we're eating as a general rule.


we are holding off on gluten (dh is celiac) and nuts. everything else is fair game. if it's in our house and not a choking risk, it's probably fair game for dd.
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DS1 has been eating whatever we have since he was 12 months (or younger?) the only thing he couldn't have was egg as he had an intolerance (Allergy? He'd get a rash around his mouth) to it, but is now just fine with it.
Somewhere around a year DS started eating everything and hasn't looked back since.
We are holding off on dairy (ds can't take dairy at all) and melon (dh is allergic) but my dd#4 is starting to have tastes of whatever we're eating.
At 12 months my dd definitely ate whatever we were having. Neither myself or my husband (or any of our family) have any food allergies so we are pretty comfortable with it. She even has nut products as my parents gave her food with peanut/nut ingredients without even thinking about it while babysitting her, though if this hadn't been the case I would have waited for sure. The only thing she hasn't had at this point (16 months) is shellfish.
Thanks for the replies. I think I am comfortable with her having most everything. I'd still like to hold off on wheat, or introduce it in small doses.
DS was eating whatever we were by that age, with the exception of nuts and honey. He hadn't had any reaction to foods we had introduced previously, so I was comfortable letting him try whatever we were eating.
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