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When weaning, what to supplement?

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My DD (will be 2 in August) is VVEERRRYYY slowly but surely weaning herself. She doesn't drink cow's milk, at least not regularly (MAYBE once/mo) and won't touch rice or soy. Soooo what do I do? I had no problem w/DS #1 ~ he is allergic to cows milk and loves rice dream, DS #2 is absolutely in love w/cows milk so I'm at a total loss w/DD. Any suggestions?
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I don't think any milk but yours is all that important, but you could try almond milk. I hear it's pretty yummy.
Milk of any sort isn't necessary at all. Plain old water is good.

If you're worried about the calcium, she can get it from other foods (broccoli, green leafy veggies, calcium enriched juice). She'll get vitamin D from the sun.

My daughter (2 on the 18th) drinks maybe a half cup of rice milk a month, but only because her brother is drinking it...she doesn't really like it all that much. She drinks water, and the occasional cup of juice at Gramma and Papa's house. My oldest ds loves cow's milk (the only time in my life I wanted to drink it was when I was pg with him!) and my younger ds will drink rice, soy, almond, oat, or any other variety of milk besides cow's milk.

I don't drink milk or juice. Just water (and wine, beer, margaritas...
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ditto - we don't drink milk here, and wonder of all wonders, our pediatrician agrees with us!
Thanks everyone! Personally, I don't drink milk ~ could never stand the taste of it. And my kids drink water like it's going out of style
We *do* buy the calcium fortified OJ, that should be enough for calcium intake you think?
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My thought is that by 2 or so, you don't need to consciously supplement, they'll just up their intake of their other normal foods to make up for the missing calories.
the calcium fortified juice (I believe) has as much calcium in it as a cup of milk (cup for cup) so you should be fine with that
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