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Since before DS was 10 months (now 13 months) the teachers stopped holding and/or swaddling DS for nap times and just put him in a crib. So he cries. They say not much and its more like whining and no tears but I don't know any more than that b/c I'm afraid to ask. They say he doesn't like to be held to sleep; he cries and squirms, and I can see him being that way. Needless to say, I almost always nurse him down.

I feel really good about this childcare center. This is the only thing I worry about. He's only there 1 full day and two half days a week. So a total of 4 naps.

When will he be able to just lay down and fall asleep peacefully?

I worry all the other kids sleep in cribs at home and have been used to being put down this way for months.

Before they move up to the next room they are supposed to transition to sleeping in/on sleeping bags on the floor, so I imagine at that point they aren't crying...

I asked the teachers and they just said "it depends on the child". And I'm sure that's true. But on average??? Can anyone give me an idea?

How do other mamas deal with this? Do you just try not to think about it like me? Should I be actively trying to "teach" him somehow? (I seriously don't see how that would be possible.)

What do I do?

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i would not worry about it. nor would i try to teach anything.

one things i have realised that kids change overnight. its not a slow thing. you just never know.

and even knowing an average figure is not going to mean anything because your son is an individual.

plus remember one thing. how your ds behaves and what he does at dc are completely different to what he would do at home. for instance my dd gave up naps at home before she turned 2. at dc she gave up naps at around 3.

is he given something to sleep with like a stuffed toy?
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