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when will i bleed again?

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my ds is 13 months...this is so much longer than i have ever waited before getting my moon back.

i do bf a lot because he is not into eating solids so much.

i just long can you go pp waiting for it to return?
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every woman is so different. you might be one of the lucky ones that don't have your 'moon' back until your LO is weened - totally natural and healthy.

it's called Lactational amenorrhea. many women use LAM (Lactational amenorrhea method) as a means for child spacing...

perhaps Google-ing that could give some more specific answers?

i personally had a period at 2 & 3 months pp spotted every 2 weeks during 4&5 months and then went 88 days with nothing and had a full period at 7 months pp and then 9 months pp. wacky. i'm now 11months PP with 'nothing' going on

my mother on the other hand was like you and didn't have ANY period until her babe was weaned. (between 1 and 2 years)
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for me it was 16 months and then back to my normal clockwork 27 day cycle... dd was a hearty nurser and continued until she was 5.
with dd 1 it was 3 mo pp!!!!
we were all shocked!

now with ds it is so much longer.
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