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When will the biting end???

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Lil miss here is almost 1 and she's currently getting all 4 top teeth in at once
She's our 3rd to ebf - but she's the worse biter ever!!! I never went through this kind of torture with our first two

Please tell me, moms of notorious biters, that this will stop once the teeth arrive!!! She's wonderful nursing in the middle of the night or right after naps, but during the day - forget it - CHOMP, CHOMP, CHOMP. I try to keep her in a tight position so she can't bite, but it's not working.
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As soon as Lucas's teeth came thru he stopped the biting. I've learned to keep a wet washcloth with us at all times when he's teething and if he bites I tell him "That hurts mommy, chew on this instead." It seems to work for the most part, he's only 9 months old and has learned to either be content nursing or chew on the washie.
DD just let up after about a month of biting. (She just got her top teeth) That washcloth trick sounds like a good one. I just gritted my teeth and sat through it because I didn't know what else to do. Good luck, hope it ends soon!
My ds is 11 months, and when he first started getting the top teeth he bit me so hard he drew blood, I screamed (out of pain, and surprise) and then he cried and went on a nursing strike for two days. So I have been tolerating the biting during teething for the past three months. But I really can tell that he only bites when the teeth are coming through the gums and then stops when they are actually out. So there is hope! Good luck with your dc. I figure it will stop as long as your child isn't biting to see your reaction and then thinks it is funny. My eldest did that he just thought it was a hoot
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I have the same question: When will it ever end?

Dd, 10 months, has been biting me for a couple of months now, and since she is working on another two top teeth at once now, it has gotten pretty bad. She drew blood last night, and I wanted to cry. I generally try to be super attentive and get my finger in before she chomps down, or else get my nipple out, but sometimes she is ruthlessly quick and gives no warning. I like the wet washcloth idea as an alternative. But just wanted to say, I feel your pain!
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I would say in a hurt tone "owe, that hurt Mamma" and then unlatch him. It took a few times, but seemed to work after a few times.
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