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You know, a lot of things do change when you have a second child. However, for me letting my children CIO is not one of them--I would never let them CIO however I will admit that sometimes it takes me a little longer to get to them (like when BFing DS and DD is crying). Being AP is a little harder with two children as well. . .however, if you are committed to it, you can still do it just maybe not to the same level as with your first.

I think people sometimes make those comments because they are ignorant to the strong committment we have toward AP and not allowing CIO. What is funny is that when DD was a baby, she was sooooo happy and what most would consider a "good baby". I always got comments on how my next one was going to be a terror because she was so good. Yeh, didn't happen--they are both "good babies" and very happy and loving. We'll see what happens with the next
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