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"Well, there's another reason to have an only child!"

Honestly, I have used this line in response to people telling me I won't be able to take such good care of my son (in whatever way) "when" I have another baby.
: I am irritated by the assumption that everybody has multiple children, which I might not, and that my good parenting is somehow unnecessary. Also, comments like this hit me deeply because I am the older of two children, and I do, in fact, feel that at times I didn't get what I needed because the baby came I'm a little sensitive to implications that children don't deserve the same care when they have siblings.

One of my Girl Scouts is the oldest of 3 kids, and her dad makes some kind of comment EVERY time I see him about how I might think my life is stressful now but just wait until I have more kids. I have made the above comment to him, but he thinks I'm kidding.
: I am so tempted to take it a step farther and say, "Your family is one of our biggest motivations to stop at one child." It's true! But at least he's not trying to convince me to CIO or wean early or anything; he's just trying to win the stress competition.
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