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My boys are 11.5 months apart. CIO has never been used in this house and it never will be. There is really no need. If the older child wakes in the night, DH tends to him if I'm busy with our little one. True, I can't tend to every single whine, but that's just a reality of having more than one child. Strangely enough, my 2nd child is rather easy going, has no need to sit and be nursed for hours on end- he just nurses when he's hungry/thirsty and that's it. The rest of the time he's on my lap, in his sling, or on his playmat while I'm on the floor playing with his older brother. Am I exhausted? Yes, sometimes. Am I desperate for a week long vacation where I have no responsibilities to anyone but myself? YES. But I see how happy my kids are...and everyone thinks we're "so lucky" to have such "good babies"....but they just don't realize the intense work and dedication that goes into making that possible! I think I'll just keep my AP secrets to myself
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