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When you say "public school" . . .

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Do you mean all institutional school, as in public and private? Or do you specifically mean public school? On these forums I see a lot of reference to public school in a generic sense, like "If he were in public school he wouldn't have the opportunity to pursue his interest in art." It seems to me that many of these statements would be equally true of private school, but am left wondering if most people here make a distinction between public and private school.

I guess the reason I notice this is because our decision was homeschool vs. private school, not homeschool vs. public, and I wonder if many of you have the same sentiments about private school as you do public.
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I usually say traditional school to mean anything other than homeschooling, although, homeschooling is more "traditional". I read some mama calling it away school, and thought that was much more accurate. I may start saying "away school".
I have sometimes used "public school" more generically than I should, but when I'm consciously talking about all schools I'll say "institutional school" or "institution."

Personally I do think that private schools tend to be a little better than public, but fundamentally a school is still a school, which is a place where people who have been convicted of no crime are confined against their will. So, yes, I'm against it no matter who's paying for it.
I usually mean all non-home schools.

I am one of those who feels that "even the 'best' private school is still school," so I don't really differentiate between public and private.

When I say "public school" I mean *public* school. When I want to refer to any school-based teaching philosophy -- whether public, private, or at home -- I just say "school".
I don't have the same sentiments about public and private schools. Neither is right for our family at this point, but for different reasons (and some overlapping reasons).

I would need to draw a Venn diagram to illustrate my views, lol.
When I specifically say "public school" I mean public school. If I was talking specifically about private school I'd say "private school".
If I am not talking specifically I'd just say "school".

I would compare homeschooling most often to the public school available to us since that is where dd would go if we were not homeschooling.
I am new to this board, but I too make the distinction between public school and private school. Next year I will have one homeschooled child, one in a comtemplative private school; he will be in a class of 15 1st/2nd graders with two extremely experienced teachers, one Waldorf and one Montessori trained, so this will be nothing like public school, that I know of anyway. I have a teen in an alternative public high school.
I say 'public school' for public school and 'institutional school' for any combination of public, private, and church schools. That's just me, though.
When I say public school, I mean government school. Though I do think that most private schools have the same issues as government run schools.
I would distinguish between the two, but feel pretty much the same about both. I went to private school all my life, but daughter has been in public school for K and 1st, and we'll homeschool her as soon as this year is over. I did consider Waldorf as an alternative to public school, but I want to be with her.
I usually break them down: public,private,charter(b/m),charter online(or e-school),and homeschool(or traditional homeschool).
I e-school my dd and she understands it as public school at home, and that she is no longer a homeschooler in the traditional sense even though she schools at home.
I use "building school" to refer to non-homeschool educational institutions.
When I say public school I mean "public" school. I don't lump private b/c there are so many different types of private schools available. If it's necessary to compare HS to private, I would most likely say Montessori or Waldorf or whatever type of curriculum they typically offer. I only know about Mont, so I can't see myself being specific about the other types anyway. My DD went to a great Mont school in FL, but I really couldn't see sending her sisters and her back there if we moved back...a school is a school to me now.

We don't have the option of paying for private, so I personally can only compare HS and public school when thinking/talking about our situation.
I usually abbreviate PS which covers Public Schools as well as Private Schools.

Originally Posted by lilyka
I usually abbreviate PS which covers Public Schools as well as Private Schools.
Yep me too.

I heard someone talking about how the local school is really messing things up...the person kept referring the school to the " SCREWL". Hilarious!
I never mean private school, but we're in the position where we haven't considered private school because of cost. That would add a whole new dimension to our decisions on education, though
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eh, depends. oftentimes, just "school" will do. other times, there are very very particular private schools that would be an exception to what i'm saying. in those cases, "public" school tends to mean "most schools."

even still, I probably usually say "most schools" when that's what I mean.
I only mean public, state-funded schools when I say public school.

I don't think of private school as a real option because there aren't any close to us. There are a couple of church schools I know of that are very tiny that I would never consider, and a larger shool in the next town but to find "real" private options we would need to be in a much bigger city. I wouldn't drive every day for it even if we had the money for it!

There are more homeschoolers than private schoolers, by far, where I live. Because of this I think of school as either public school or homeschool.
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