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Well, it can be tricky at this age. Many girls gain weight around puberty. They start to look a little thick and then suddenly they are curvy. My DD grew 4 inches and started to need a bra around her 12th birthday. Both my kids sport a belly before a major growth spurt. So, I resist making any changes until I know. I admit, I got a little nervous with DS 12 who gained a lot this school year. Still within normal range but more girth than I've every seen on my typical rail of a kid. However, I held off and sure enough, he's hit a massive growth spurt and the belly is disappearing.

I don't know what the case is with your friend. The girl might be thickening up because she's in for some growth or body changes. It never hurts to add some family activity and stock the house with healthy food options. I'd certainly do that over talking to her about the weight right now. You'd hate to pick at her only to discover that the weight is a natural part of her development.
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