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If anything, focus on healthy eating & exercise. I would not ever bring up the way the child looks or how much she or he weighs. When they are growing, they will go through lots of changes, and as others have said, many kids go through a chubby phase especially right before a growth spurt. It's funny because my coworkers were just talking about this at lunch time. Their kids had gone through chubby phases around 9-12 and then suddenly hit a growth spurt and were thin as rails with no changes in diet; it's just the way the hormones kick in at that age. Making sure that kids have healthy options available at all times and rarely have access to junk food/drinks and make sure that they don't spend all their time sitting around (even if it's reading, that was my vice as a kid even more than TV) and get active. She doesn't even have to make a big deal out of it but start dropping comments like, "It's been so hard to stick to healthy choices with all this stress at work, but it's so worth it when I don't feel terrible afterwards." Or "I'm so glad you are making good food choices instead of unhealthy ones. You'll feel stronger and healthier a lot longer that way."

Be a good role model as much as you can, show them how an adult is supposed to eat, drink, & exercise. Yes, they will eat huge amounts of food as teenagers, but they learn how to adjust their portions by seeing how you eat. If they see their parents eating huge teenager-style portions all the time, they will think they can just continue after they are adults regardless that they are not growing any more and instead packing it into fat.

The focus in America (and many other industrialized, technological-heavy countries) is far too much on looks and far less on health.
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